Canned Goods
The return of the color blue, high-fashion tongue splitting, the new beetle cars, drug-resistant bacteria, Spice Girls galore, ethnic areobics, and baked-bean pizza...could these be the hot trends for 1998?

Hard Time
You've murdered two people, spent over 20 years in jail, and now you're out on the street just trying to survive. Nobody will hire you, nobody wants to know you...what do you do?

Independents' Daze
Gus Van Sant and Quentin Tarantino are both independent, auteurist directors who have been slowly but surely moving into the mainstream. An interview grills them about this uneasy transition.

Something Great for '98
Trying to put away some money for the future? Forget savings accounts and 401K plans. What you really need is a box in the corner of your closet.

Year Here!
It was a time of scandal, indigestion, and very weird web sites. Throughout this issue, the staff of Weekly Wire commemorate the year with a look back at some of 1997's best and most unusual articles and columns.