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Volume I, Issue 31
January 5 - January 12, 1998

Yeah, this week's Arts section is a little weird compared to previous Arts sections. So what? You want to read articles about plays and paintings 52 weeks a year? Of course not! So take a look back at some of the creatively crazy articles we published during 1997.

As you'll see when you scroll down a bit, this contents page is chock full of odd, amusing, sometimes hilarious pieces that wouldn't even have a home if it weren't for Weekly Wire's ever-adaptable Arts section. (Note to self: find out what "chock" means, especially if one is full of it.)

Look, for example, at all the Lost in Cyberspace stories we've accumulated thus far. Always based on a particular theme, these lists of stimulating sites reinvigorate the somewhat passe' concept of "surfin' the web." Just make sure you come back after you're done browsing, because we don't want you to miss our Staff Picks for '97, also listed below. We tried to steer towards the more off-the-beaten-path types of articles for that one.

Finally, and most importantly, be sure to scroll to the bottom for a look back at the year's wonderful Speed Eater columns -- a whole new way to experience fast food. I'm not the sort to use words like "scrumptious," but Speed Eater is exactly that. You can't stop at just one.

Surfin' '97
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Lost in Cyberspace
Spare yourself the hassle of search engines. We've tracked down the best of the best among Web pages in several specialized categories.

Hate on the WWW
Stargazing in Cyberspace
Fine Art on the WWW
Gaming on the Internet
Religion on the Internet
Don't Drink and Surf
World Wide Travel

Now What?
A gallery of captivating links to keep your imagination churning while the paint dries. [4]

Build your own custom paper. To find out more about this feature, click here.

Featured Articles
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Something Great for '98
With a little will power, you can get a free trip by this time next year. [2]
Paul Gerald

Media Mix
Junkyard dogs and William Shakespeare? [3]
Mari Wadsworth

Staff Picks '97
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Seeds of Destruction
A remembrance of melons past. [08-25-97]
John Bridges

At Great Length
Running 26.2 miles, then walking home. [11-03-97]
Liz Murray Garrigan

Virtual Pest
We've all heard about the joys of raising and caring for your own virtual pets, but what if you really can't stand them? We hire career woman Hillari Dowdle to see if she can locate her motherly instincts. [11-10-97]
Hillari Dowdle

Down and Out in Delhi
Every traveler has a "worst day ever." Here's one from the Flyer's designated wanderer. [11-24-97]
Paul Gerald

Love at the Five and Dime
Lamenting the loss of Woolworth's on the Santa Fe Plaza. [08-18-97]
Steven J. Westman

Taming the Time Bandit
The Jetsons we're not. We've got the timesaving devices: Jet travel, microwaves, fast-food restaurants and faxes. Yet we work more, not less. Unstructured time is a true luxury. [12-08-97]
Mark Gerard Hengesbaugh

Indigestion '97
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Stewin' Safari
Wild game is the latest carnivorous fad -- is that giraffe on your plate or are you just glad to see us? [12-15-97]
Theresa Regli

Last Suppers
Breaking out the menu for death-row inmates in Illinois. [12-01-97]
Frank Sennett

Speed Eater
Who says only the hoity-toity restaurants deserve critical attention? Not Nick Brown, whose fast-food column oozes with wit, intelligence, and secret sauce.

Over the River and Through the Foods
Meals From the Crypt
Pick and Eat Your Own Burgers
The Last of the Wrap Trilogy
Peter Peter Pita Eater

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