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Volume III, Issue 31
January 24 - January 31, 2000  

T he Ugly Mug in Memphis is like a lot of other coffee shops, offering a variety of caffeinated beverages and space for chatting with friends. Unlike most other coffee shops, it's operated by a church, but that doesn't mean you have to take your latte with a shot of religion.

A whirlwind miniature culinary tour of Israel proves that this small nation has something to set your tastebuds quivering, whether you're hungering for traditional foods such as hummus, tahini, and lebni, or something fried from the Colonel.

Digging into the archives, we come up with a couple of related items, reviews of "A Biblical Feast," a cookbook with dishes from the Holy Land, and "Jewish Cooking in America," the companion book to a PBS series by the same name.

Now What? [4]
A gallery of captivating links to keep your imagination churning while the paint dries.

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The Ugly Mug [2]
A new Memphis venue combines coffee, conversation, and Christianity.
— Mary Allison Cates, MEMPHIS FLYER
Israeli Food -- More Than Manna [3]
While not yet a "foodie" destination, Israel is shaking off old stereotypes when it comes to dining.

From the Archives
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A Biblical Feast
Kitty Morse's book "A Biblical Feast: Foods From the Holy Land" weaves stories from the Bible together with recipes of dishes from ancient times.
A Culture Through Its Food
Joan Nathan has a look at the culinary traditions of American Jews in her PBS series "Jewish Cooking in America," but Ronna Welsh finds more value in its sense of history than its recipes.

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