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Volume I, Issue 34
January 26 - February 2, 1998


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Blue Suede Dude
A look at the life of the late, and definitely great, Carl Perkins. [2]
Gregory McNamee

Artist Profiles

An Open Gate
Michael McCall swings with Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown. [3]
Michael McCall

Hail Mary
Mary Lou Lord is ready to claim the title of the Queen of Indie Rock. [4]
Brett Milano

Road Warriors
The mainstream is ready for a little nasty fun, and Nashville Pussy are primed to pounce. [5]
Carly Carioli

A Higher Hell
Somewhere between LeAnn Rimes and Marilyn Manson lies the restless soul of David Eugene Edwards and his Denver-based roots band Sixteen Horsepower. [6]
Mark Woodlief

Puffy's New Boys
The Lox, three tough young rappers from Yonkers, boast about the strength of their style more than the size of their gats. [7]
Franklin Soults

Now What?
If you go gaga over the sultry smoothness of a symphonic glissando, just wait till you experience our transitions to cool and useful music links on the Web. [12]

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R est in peace, Carl Perkins. I dreamed I saw you there in Hillbilly Heaven. Or is it Rockabilly Heaven? In any case, thanks for inventing rockabilly, thanks for "Blue Suede Shoes," and thanks for teaching Elvis how to move his pelvis. Without you, where would we be? Watching old videos of Elvis square-dancing in clodhoppers?

Don't want to think about that one. I'd much rather meditate on those who are following Perkins' early example by trying to take old forms somewhere new. People like Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown, who at 73 is still innovating by merging big-band, country, and blues forms in a variety of ways. People associate Brown with the blues, but don't call him a blues musician -- after all these years, he's decided that traditional blues "bores the hell out of" him. Thank you Clarence, I thought it was just me.

Speaking of breathing new fire into old forms, here's an article about a punk band called Nashville Pussy who literally breathe fire at their audiences. Nice gimmick, though I think KISS might have used it from time to time. By the way, wasn't Nashville Pussy a Robert Altman film? No wait, that was just Pussy.

Y'all come back now, y'hear?

Mini Reviews
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Boston Phoenix CD Reviews
Holly Cole, A3, Modest Mouse, Al Copley and the Fabulous Thunderbirds, The Derailers, Bennie Green, Les Paul, Lennie Tristano. [8]

Turn Up That Noise!
Bill Wyman & the Rhythm Kings, and CYC [9]
Stephen Grimstead

Rhythm & Views
Beach Boys, Subjazz Proxy, Various Estrus Artists. [10]

Tiny Tunes
Orange Peels and Edwyn Collins [11]
Michael Henningsen

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