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Ashes to Ashes [3]
An artistically impoverished "Angela's Ashes"; a near-inscrutable "Down to You."
Isn't She Great [4]
This candidly embellished biopic of Jacqueline Susann is an ideal diversion for one of those evenings when low expectations feel more like a state of grace than a surrender to vice.
Down to You [5]
As the hackneyed story of a first love found, soured, and then redeemed, Down to You is all fore and no play.
Diametrical Duo [6]
"End of the Affair" is fine viewing, while "Down to You"'s main charm is cold sores.
— James DiGiovanna, TUCSON WEEKLY
Hooligan and Again [7]
"The Acid House," a trilogy of shaggy tales, can't quite live up to the beat-happy, skag-life sparkplug that was Danny Boyle's masterstroke, "Trainspotting."
— Devin D. O'Leary, WEEKLY ALIBI
Eye of the Beholder [8]
They say beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder. They're wrong.
Play It to the Bone [9]
White Men Can't Box, Either.
— Marjorie Baumgarten, AUSTIN CHRONICLE
Spike and Mike's Sick and Twisted Festival of Animation 2000 [10]
Still warped and wonderful, this annual fest o' skank manages to top itself for this, the millennial edition.
Dim Reaper [11]
Errol Morris's "Mr. Death: The Rise and Fall of Fred A. Leuchter, Jr." fails to deliver a complete portrait of the notorious Holocaust revisionist.
Northern Lights [12]
Frederick Wiseman's characteristic filmmaking approach in "Belfast, Maine" may require patience, but his images of this poor coastal community are emotional and memorable.
— Robert David Sullivan, THE BOSTON PHOENIX
Release Me [13]
Hokey script and boring direction cannot dull the force of Denzel Washington's performance in "The Hurricane."
— Chris Herrington, MEMPHIS FLYER

Video + TV
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TV Eye [14]
Two new specials focus on the Internet -- one on its remarkable past, one on its potentially hazardous future; also, Showtime launches the Latino Filmmaker Showcase.
— Belinda Acosta, AUSTIN CHRONICLE
Videos a Go-Go [15]
Sci-Fi Channel's programming aspires to mediocrity.
— Coury Turczyn, METRO PULSE
Videodrome [16]
A twisted secret-shame fascination with teenage culture.
— Scott Phillips, WEEKLY ALIBI

Volume III, Issue 32
January 31 - February 7, 2000  

F red Wiseman is widely acknowledged to be one of America's finest documentary filmmakers. His movies are doggedly down to earth. They shun abstractions and generalizations, building drama and insight with the accretion of unadorned detail. His latest is "Belfast, Maine."

According to the Nashville Scene, "Angela's Ashes" doesn't seem to have been made for any other reasons than having a popular literary pedigree and a chance of recouping its cost.

Instead of striving to improve the genre, producers of science fiction for the small screen seem to be inspired to reproduce all the shlock that's gone before.

Plus, an affectionate biopic of Jacqueline Susann, Spike and Mike's latest collection of twisted animation, the past and future of the Internet on TV, and more.

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Extra Ordinary [2]
Frederick Wiseman's ability to capture the essence of day-to-day life makes him a premiere filmmaker, but he still resists being labed an historian or a dramatist.
Mini Reviews
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Tucson Weekly Film Clips [17]

  • American Movie
  • Cradle Will Rock
  • Supernova
Boston Phoenix Movie Clips [18]
  • Same Old Song
  • Down to You
Now What? [19]
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