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Volume I, Issue 35
February 2 - February 9, 1998


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Rumbles in the Jungle
The DJs who anchor jungle's grassroots clubs condemn of Roni Size's pop junglism, regarding him as a drum 'n' bass Judas who sold out the breakbeat. [2]
Chris Tweney

Carl Perkins
Cats are supposed to have nine lives. Rockabilly cat Carl Perkins had at least three. [3]
Ted Drozdowski

Counting Our Losses
Taking stock of several sad recent losses, including Carl Perkins, Junior Wells, Jimmy Rogers, and Skull Shulman. [4]
Michael McCall, Bill Friskics-Warren, and Ron Wynn

Artist Profiles
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True Confessions
The Smithereens' Pat DiNizio deserves more respect than he gets as a songwriter. [5]
Michael McCall

Digital Drama
Goldie put a face on England's drum 'n' bass subculture. Now he's out to define himself in the States. [6]
Matt Ashare

Mississippi Moan
The Squirrel Nut Zippers' Jas. Mathus returns to his Delta roots to pay tribute to the blues pioneer's daughter who raised him. [7]
Mark Jordan

All Figured Out
As Whiskeytown star Ryan Adams is learning, there's nothing like a clean slate to scare the hell out of a guy. [8]
Brendan Doherty

Album Reviews
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True Believers
On their fifth Epic album, Pearl Jam may be settling into the first comfortable space they've occupied since "Jeremy" entered the MTV Buzz Bin. [9]
Matt Ashare

Kiss My Ace
The reunited KISS will be pitching action toys, chocolate bars, video games, a concert tour and a new album this summer--but what about Ace? [10]
Bill Frost

I   still can't figure this drum-n-bass, a.k.a. jungle, stuff out. While there are always high-speed drums, I can hardly hear any bass at all -- at least not in the guitar sense. And it sure doesn't sound like music from any jungle that I've ever seen. Like I've said before, it sounds more like somebody dropped a vibrator on a snare drum. Do they do that in the jungle? Maybe I should just shut up and read this article, which explains the genre and provides suggested buys for a good primer. I should probably also read this review of the latest disc from Goldie, a "jungle" pioneer. OK, I'll do that.

But first I want to mention that we've got two elegies to Carl Perkins this week. The first one takes a look back at his whole life, and it's very well done. Between it and the Carl Perkins bio that ran last week, one could become a sort of mini-expert on the rockabilly pioneer. There's also this piece in memory of not just Perkins but several other greats who bit the dust recently.

Okay, back to the living. We've got stories about Pat DiNizio (he's from The Smithereens, remember them?), the Squirrel Nut Zippers (what does that name mean? heh heh), Pearl Jam (what does that name mean? heh heh), and Ryan Adams (no, not "Brian") from Whiskeytown. But for my money, the funniest article in the bunch is this review of the latest Ace Frehly anthology album, which, by the way, is highly recommend as background music for when you play with your KISS action figures.

Love and kisses,

Mini Reviews
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Boston Phoenix CD Reviews

  • Derek Bailey & Tony Oxley
  • Jamie Baum
  • Buddy Miller
  • Phajja
  • Chris Potter
  • Schumann Song Cycles
  • Yes

Rhythm & Views

  • Fu Manchu
  • Ramones
  • Various Brazilian Artists

Turn Up That Noise!

  • Polvo
  • Iggy Pop

Now What?
If you go gaga over the sultry smoothness of a symphonic glissando, just wait till you experience our transitions to cool and useful music links on the Web. [14]

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