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MARCH 2, 1998: 

Justin Hall speaks...

I'd like to share a Doug moment here:

He sent me the 15-minute sample (which isn't on the Web as far as I know - even for folks with T1s). I hadn't seen it yet, and I thought, hey, why not show it at Christmas, and maybe my family can meet some of the people I work with, and get a sense of what it is I do.

"Fellate myself" was the line that made my stepfather look like he'd sat on something wet.

I don't need critics; Doug gives me an opportunity to appear much more vivid than buried textual semen-eatings in a bloated personal web. I'll get my own self in trouble.

What's it like being filmed? What do you think of Doug? someone asked....

It's a bit like having a voyeur call up and ask you to raise the shades.

I don't live in fear. I try to live honestly. That's perspective from Honduras [where Justin spent several weeks offline while recovering from carpal hell. - J.L.], different honesty. Frankly, I feel tougher. More compassionate maybe, too. I think my private parts grew. Ask Amy.

I am going back to Swarthmore in 10 days. I'm sure it will be ambivalent there, too. I don't know why I so urgently chase intimate relations online, but since I do, I've learned to justify it by honesty and soul-directed mediating.

I must say I've been pleasantly treated by Doug's Web sentiments. Either this documentarian came to this Web world with an appropriate ethic, or he learned quickly the way this Web world works. I have the feeling he will be appropriately rewarded. I mean, revealing himself online. Giving things away. Emphasis on links ("I don't care if people leave my site" - really, Doug. That's so 1994).

And he's talking about sex.

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