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Volume I, Issue 39
March 2 - March 9, 1998

There's an old saying in my family: "Opinions are like ________ -- everybody has one, and they all stink."

I'm not even going to say what that blank might be. Could be trashcans, could be belly buttons, I'm just not going to say. (You can, however, find the secret word in one of the right-hand column's story descriptions.) The point is that there are a lot of opinions going around these days, and this here Arts section is no exception.

In fact, this week's tip-top story focuses on those Oracles of Opinion, those gasbags you love to hate -- critics. Only this time, the critics talk back. Using a detailed quiz as his guide, a critic criticizes frequent criticisms of critics until his words reach critical mass and critically critical criticisms crash out all over the place, baby. Good stuff.

In other opinions, find out what one marathon runner really thinks of the whole run- 26- miles- and- put- yourself- through- living- hell phenomenon. It's not pretty, and makes a stunning contrast to the marathon story we ran about a month ago.

Of course, what recent recap of opinions would be complete without some words on the Winter Olympics? Basically this opinionated writer is happy they're over and wants to share his glee with us. Can you blame him? After you're done absorbing his thoughts, be sure to skate over to the News section and slide on into the exciting article about curling.

Finally, here's one outdoor adventure story that's got more opinion than it does geography. You may not recognize the locations mentioned, but you'll certainly recognize (and, we hope, enjoy) the vitriolic, environmental anger that characterizes the writer's attitude toward chintzy housing developments on beautiful mountainsides. Excellent piece if I do say so myself. Come to think of it, they're all excellent.

Just my opinion. Pay no heed.

Now What?
A gallery of captivating links to keep your imagination churning while the paint dries. [14]

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Featured Articles
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The Great Critic Test
Nobody likes a critic, but everybody loves quizzes! [2]
Adrienne Martini

Marathon Man
That "struggle to go beyond the limitations"-type thingy. [3]
Michael Bertin

Winter Wonderland
A wrap-up of the weirdo Winter Olympics. [4]
Tom Danehy

Thanks for Not Breeding
What is it with these asshole developers -- they kill something beautiful and then name a bunch of crappy stucco boxes after it. [5]
Kevin Franklin

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Safe Surfing
The Internet is a great teaching tool, but there is a seedier side. [6]
James Hanback Jr.

Gamboling Bambinos on the WWW
Look at all those beautiful babies on the Web. No, not lovely women -- beautiful babies. [7]
Devin D. O'Leary

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Blatant Parallels
Plan-B's Fahrenheit 451 fires up the never-ending debate over censorship, blatantly asking for comparison to recent Utah headlines and events. [8]
Scott C. Morgan

True Fiction
A new production of "True West" is as raw, funny, irritating and as dreamlike as ever. [9]
Dalt Wonk

In the Gallery
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Shaking Down the 20th Century
Heather Joyner provides some history and commentary on the works being displayed in the Masterworks of American Art from the Munson-Williams-Proctor Institute of Utica, New York. [10]
Heather Joyner

Dreams, Symbols and Memories
Clarence Laughlin's surreal photos of cemeteries and old houses did for Louisiana's architecture what Robert Mapplethorpe or Joel Peter Witkin did for the human body. [11]
D. Eric Bookhardt

Cheap Thrills
It's tacky, but is it art? [12]
Jeffrey Lee

Reviews of "Court 6" and "Beast on the Moon." [13]

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