Volume I, Issue 39
March 2 - March 9, 1998

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News & Opinion
The Tamil Tigers: the terrorist scourge of Sri Lanka, or an unfairly stigmatized militant group? B-1 series bombers: the sleekest, stealthiest planes in the entire U.S. military, or barely airborne billion-dollar sinkholes? America's prisons: well-organized criminal containment facilities, or overburdened bastions of violence and staff corruption? Government-encouraged snitching: an effective tool in the War on Drugs, or yet another example of our mounting paranoia? Answers to these sweeping questions and more provided within! [10 articles]

Film & TV
It's the newest thing in documentaries -- Cyber-Filming! Other mind-expanding docs include a reality shattering take on the Waco debacle; and a sad, nostalgic look at Great Depression train-hoppers. In the realm of fiction films, two "Dark City" reviews prove to be as polarly opposite as night and day, two critics find "Palmetto" lukewarm and scorching hot; and other opinionmeisters chime in about "Ma Vie en Rose," "Welcome to Sarajevo," "Afterglow," and "The Wedding Singer." Plus: Is prime-time TV too racially segregated? [23 articles]

Guitarist Andy Summers finds post-Police peace, while the Fairfield Four continue to spread a cappella excellence after more than 80 years. Casey Rice reconciles his punk-rock past with a drum-n-bass future, while The Donnas turn high-school girliness into the most rockin' of strengths. G. Love & Special Sauce stir up a tasty taste of rap lyrics, while Momus leads the pack with the most diverse list of cultural influences ever cited. Fat Possum Records gets to the gritty heart of blues, while African-American country artists mix soul into twang. And more! [16 articles]

Arts & Leisure
If you're one of the many readers who loves to hate critics, it's time for you to take the Great Critic Test and put your money where your tastes are. In other opinion-based selections, dig into some entertaining gripes on marathons, the Winter Olympics, and ugly, nature-encroaching housing developments. Or read up on the latest in Net porn and overburdened Macintosh software, beautiful babies on the Web, and visual art retrospectives of the 20th century. Not to mention oodles of art and theatre reviews -- go to town! [12 articles]

Pulitzer Prize-winning fiction writer Robert Olen Butler discusses the roots of artistic inspiration in a heart-to-heart interview, and African-American poet Sonia Sanchez discovers the joys of teaching via a literary educational program. Meanwhile, Jack Bodware and Susie Bright compete for dominance in the war for 1990s sexual wisdom, "The Big Book of Big Little Books" waxes nostalgic over crudely drawn comics, and a bunch of "gat vellup yaps" explain how to properly restore Renaissance-era texts. Plus: book reviews galore! [9 articles]

Come down from your Staggering Heights and get to the Red Meat of the matter with this swell set of cartoons that also includes Mueller, Eye of the Beholder, K. Rat and Random Shots. [5 comics]

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