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Volume I, Issue 39
March 2 - March 9, 1998


Artist Profiles
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A Summers Place
Andy Summers, former Police guitarist, doesn't ache for arenas. [2]
Rich Collins

Raw Material
Mixing with brother Casey Rice. [3]
Dave Chamberlain

Voices Raised
The Fairfield Four has weathered nearly a century of changes; Bill Friskics-Warren finds out how. [4]
Bill Friskics-Warren

Teenage Kicks
The Donnas -- young, female, rude, and real -- deserve a high place in the girl-group pantheon. [5]
Carly Carioli

Pat, I'll Buy a "G" for $7,000
G. Love & Special Sauce bring hip-hop blues wherever they go. [6]
Kevin Klein

Masked Man
Singer/songwriter Momus is coming out of obscurity and touring the US. [7]
Douglas Wolk

Playing Possum
Blues pretenders beware -- Fat Possum Records is the real nitty-gritty. [8]
Dave McElfresh

Dream Teams
BMX Bandits' "Theme Park" and Cheeky Monkey's "Four Arms To Hold You" are delectable sweet-and-sour treats. [9]
Jonathan Perry

A Good Year
The Black Country Music Association has made Music Row stand up and take notice. [10]
Bill Friskics-Warren and Rob Wynn

Album Reviews
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Mono Tones
There's no excuse for the British duo Mono's "Formica Blues" except the pleasure it gives. [11]
Charles Taylor

Victory Celebration
June Victory and the Bayou Renegades hit a home run on their first CD. [12]
Geraldine Wyckoff

Artist Profiles
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Live Shots
Reviews of recent shows: The Crystal Method, Merl Saunders & the Rainforest Band, Goudie, the Damned, and the David Murray Quartet. [13]

Now What?
If you go gaga over the sultry smoothness of a symphonic glissando, just wait till you experience our transitions to cool and useful music links on the Web. [18]

I t's quiz time!

Inspired by the criticism test in the Arts section, I've decided a quiz is the best way to organize these here music stories. R U knowledgeable in modern music? Do U have what it takes? B a sport and play the game. It's great fun for the O (hole) family! (Note: Some of these R-tists R very obscure.)

(By the way, U can get the answers here after you're done reading the questions.)

(1) Every little thing this guy does is magic. Doo doo doo da da da is all he wants to say 2 U. Plus, he's a pool hall ace....and will always B the king of pain. Oddly enough, he has never appeared in a David Lynch sci-fi film and screamed "I will kill him!," and he does not compose movie soundtracks. Who he B?

(2) They've been around since 1921, yet not even people in their home town of Nashville know who they R. Their a cappellisms influenced Aretha Franklin, Sam Cooke, and Elvis Costello, and they're still singin' strong. Who might they B?

(3) He's the sound man for Tortoise, he loves to Do It Himself, and he's a former punk rocker turned DJ infatuated with the bonk-bonk sounds of Drum 'N' Bass. Plus he's got super E.S.P. Who dat?

(4) These "ragady" Annes are The Ramones by way of "Heathers." If U know their secret handshake and use it at the right time in their Palo Alto high school, you might just escape their nympho jailbait jukebox revenge. Otherwise look out -- it's Metallica and KISS tunes for you, sucka. Who R those girls?

(5) He's the hottest rapper in Philly, G. He delivers his rap with Secret Sauce. He's no Warren G., no Garth Brooks, no Grover, no Oscar the Grouch, no G your hair smells terrific. He's his very own G. Who B this G?

(6) Okay, here's a toughie. This guy's a storyteller, a satirist, a provocateur and a bit of a tease. He's a sexually unpredictable time traveler, a breeder who don't breed, a samurai child molester doppelganger freakazoid. He's a "tremendously gadget-conscious person." Who the hell is he?

Ding! Time's up. How'd U do?

Mini Reviews
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Boston Phoenix CD Reviews

  • The Radio Kings
  • Mike Ireland & Holler
  • Beausoleil
  • Tommy Keene
  • GodheadSilo
  • Fatal Mambo
  • Chris Mills
  • Fred Hersch

Turn Up That Noise!

  • Bedhead
  • Kristin Hersh
  • Fred Hersch

Rhythm & Views

  • Hum
  • The Dirtys
  • Rex

Tiny Tunes

  • This Perfect Day
  • The Beatifics

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