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O nce the voting on Super Tuesday is over, and a majority of delegates have been selected for this summer's nominating conventions, pundits will begin looking over the field of candidates for the vice president slot on both tickets.

John Biggert is a 75-year-old commercial printer and purveyor of what he calls "patriotic literature." If you've visited Memphis recently, you may have seen his handmade signs tied to trees, nailed to sheds, perched in shop windows, and hung near interstate overpasses.

Is a personal expression of someone's thoughts published online an editorial or an advertisement for a political perspective with the purpose of influencing voter opinion? The distinction is important, because editorials are protected by the First Amendment, but political advertising is under the jurisdiction of the Federal Elections Commission.

Also, Knoxville fights sprawl, an Austin writer reaches his limits, the future of the future, and more.

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The World Is No Longer the World [7]
How broadband technologies will affect modern life.
— Michael Ventura, AUSTIN CHRONICLE
Shiny Shoes [8]
If your boy demands sissy shoes, should you succumb.
— Margaret Renkl, NASHVILLE SCENE
Disturbing Surpluses [9]
If you think robbery is wrong, start demanding tax cuts.
— Captain Opinion, WEEKLY ALIBI
Dry Up [10]
What to do about a wet basement.
— Walter Jowers, NASHVILLE SCENE
Nifty, Crafty Spyder [11]
2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder.
— Marc K. Stengel, NASHVILLE SCENE
Now What? [14]
Can't get enough news? You're in luck -- more news is created every day. Our Now What? page offers a plethora of recommended links to help keep you living in the present.

Volume III, Issue 37
March 6 - March 13, 2000  

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Vice-Presidential Sweepstakes [2]
The only thing we can be sure of is that this election's vice-presidential picks will be a surprise.
Dirty Tricks Were Used [3]
The epic story of a latter-day crusader.
— Chris Davis, MEMPHIS FLYER
Beating Around the Bush [4]
When Zack Exley built his parody site of George W. Bush, he expected a simple call : he got a whole lot more.
Growing Pains [5]
There's a lot of talk about the evils of suburban sprawl, with cities like Atlanta and Nashville pointed at as examples. In Knoxville, you don't even have to go that far -- just look out your car window.
— Jack Neely, METRO PULSE
Enough Already! [6]
Wayne Alan Brenner is fed up, doesn't wanna, and won't take it any more.
— Wayne Alan Brenner, AUSTIN CHRONICLE

Teeny Tidbits
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Odds and Ends [12]
Time-released news capsules from the flipside.
— Devin D. O'Leary, WEEKLY ALIBI
Mr. Smarty Pants [13]
Rise, people, and crush the linguistic tyranny of the European Union.
— Mr. Smarty Pants, AUSTIN CHRONICLE

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