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Volume II, Issue 37
March 8 - March 15, 1999  
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I Want My MP3 [2]
MP3 is the latest in new music technology -- it may be piracy, it may be divine justice, but it will undoubtedly change the way music is being distributed to you.
Girls Don't Play Lead [3]
A piano-playing gal decides she wants to play guitar, and finds the pursuit a harrowing exile in guyville.
A Reason to Deceive [4]
Would the real Rod Stewart please stand up? An interview with Rod-impersonator Rob Caudill.

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Waiting for Christmas [5]
Meg Hentges' new long-time-in-coming Brompton's Cocktail not only documents her newfound confidence, but also her newfound patience.
Four-Track Rhapsody [6]
Monroe Mustang plays musical chairs on their musical instruments for a sleepy, home-crafted indie sound.
— Raoul Hernandez, AUSTIN CHRONICLE
The Inspiration of Necessity [7]
Jazz trumpeter Ephraim Owens has a growing reputation as a player who can jump onstage with anyone.
— Christopher Hess, AUSTIN CHRONICLE
It's Always the Nice Ones [8]
The Kiss Offs' ever-growing fetish for homemade stage pyrotechnics is the most visible evidence of the slightly sinister force that winks and taunts just beneath the band's goof-pop veneer.
— Christopher Hess, AUSTIN CHRONICLE
The Medium Is the Music [9]
Courtney Audain's Fuze is an exotic hybrid of the tropical beat found in his native Trinidad and the sophisticated rhythms of the big city.
— Margaret Moser, AUSTIN CHRONICLE

Artist Profiles
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'Bitches' Brewmeister [11]
From Bob Dylan to Miles Davis, bassist Harvey Brooks sure knows a thing or two about improvising.
— Dave McElfresh, TUCSON WEEKLY
Making a Scene [12]
Riot grrls of the early '90s get attention from the male-dominated mainstream music industry.
— Bill Friskics-Warren, NASHVILLE SCENE
The Real Wizard [13]
Producer Jim O'Rourke becomes a global music force.
— Dave Chamberlain, NEWCITY CHICAGO
An Englishman in the U.S.A. [14]
Ex-pat singer/songwriter Mark Harriman plays English pop with a Southern accent.
— Mark Jordan, MEMPHIS FLYER
Soft Bomb [15]
Just when she thought it was over, Allison Moorer's record label informs her she's been nominated for an Academy Award.
— Michael McCall, Bill Friskics-Warren, and Jim Ridley, NASHVILLE SCENE
Gourmet Guitarist [16]
Beppe Gambetta whips up a musical stew.
— Michael Henningsen, WEEKLY ALIBI
Always Room For Jello [17]
Jello Biafra Speaks Out.
— Claire Nettleton, WEEKLY ALIBI


T he music industry is always quick to go after anything new in the way of delivery as an attack on the rights of artists, as if their lopsided contracts weren't just as guilty of gouging songwriters and performers. The latest hub-bub is over the MP3 standard for audio delivery via the Internet. Austin Chronicle's Sam Martin looks into the debate in "I Want My MP3."

Last week we looked at the trials and tribulations of learning to play blues piano. This week, the spotlight is on one girl's mission to enter the male dominated rock guitar arena. It's hard enough to even buy one, what with all the free solo guitar concerts from grungy salesmen, much less get any respect. Austin Chronicle's Kate VanScoy shares with us in "Girls Don't Play lead."

Memphis Flyer's Matt Hanks explores how Rod Stewart became an impersonators' best friend when he shed his talent for his "housewife" days.

With Austin's annual SXSW fast approaching, we take a look at some artists scheduled to appear. Meg Hentges, Monroe Mustang, Ephraim Owens, The Kiss Offs, and Courtney Audain are just a few of the hundreds scheduled to appear.

Profiles this week include: Harvey Brooks, Sleater-Kinney, Jim O'Rourke, Mark Harriman, Allison Moorer, Beppe Gambetta, and Jello Biafra.

Plus reviews of many new 7" singles and mini-reviews.

Album Reviews
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7 and 7 Is [10]
Reviews of new 45s from Meg Hentges, Silver Scooter, Subset, Palaxy Tracks, and the Collegians.

Mini Reviews
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Tiny Tunes [18]

  • Elvis Costello and Burt Bacharach
  • Howe Gelb
  • Walter Clevenger and the Dairy Kings
  • Myracle Brah

Rhythm and Views [19]
  • Can
  • Space Cadets
  • Crawdaddy-O

Turn Up That Noise! [20]
  • Paul Haslinger
  • Kelly Willis
  • Jan Garbarek

Now What? [21]
If you go gaga over the sultry smoothness of a symphonic glissando, just wait till you experience our transitions to cool and useful music links on the Web.

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