Who Is the Man?
He's Chef on the cartoon "South Park." He's a popular recording artist. He's king of a small African nation. He's a New York radio DJ. He's a Scientologist. Yep, Isaac Hayes has one hell of a resumé.

Dungeons and Draggin's
Curious about online exploration, networked adventures, virtual combat and the vast, cyber-social world of MUDs? Let this article (and several others) be your entry point.

Letters at 3AM
As a columnist opines, there's never been any reason for us to bomb Iraq. It is our shame -- and cause for a thorough re-examination of our motives -- that we ever wanted to.

Bow Speak
My friend was all, like, excited when she told me about this piece on sorority girls' speech patterns. And she goes, "I'm so psyched about it...you have totally got to check it out...."

Hey "Fargo" fans! We've got 3 reviews of "The Big Lebowski" and 2 interviews with the tirelessly weird director/writer team Joel and Ethan Coen. Even if you don't like bowling, check 'em out.

Pedal-Pushing 40
Car culture be gone! As one woman learned, giving up the convenience of an automobile for a bicycle gives you, ironically, more time -- not to mention better health and habits.