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Sacred Sisters
New Orleans and Haiti have a shared history of voodoo that continues to this day.
D. Eric Bookhardt

Setting Sail (Part 1 of 2) - Debbie Allen brings "Amistad" to the screen -- with help from Tulane University and the world's most famous director.
Dion M. Harris

The Psychic Solution
10 years ago, a local family used a psychic to apprehend a trio of killers.
Dalt Wonk. Photos by Cheryl Gerber

Trombone Chic
A Descendant of the Slightly Dorky "Sackbut" Is Bleating Its Way Into the Hearts of Music Lovers Everywhere.
Kevin Forest Moreau

Master of His Game
Music Biz Experts Are Watching in Wonder as New Orleanian Percy "Master P" Miller Rules His Rap Empire.
C. Wagner

Cats in Class
UNO's Jazz Studies Program Puts Aspiring Players Through Their Musical Paces.
Lee Yates

Drinking 101
Unenforceable drinking laws drive underage drinking off-campus -- and underground.
Allen Johnson Jr.

Rising Star
William Faulkner, born 100 years ago this month, came to New Orleans as an aspiring poet and left as a brilliant young novelist.
W. Kenneth Holditch

The Great Bandwidth Race. Part 5 of "The Online Issue."
Frank Beacham

The Multiplexed
Ever wonder how personal computers reshape personalities? I pondered that while downloading a shareware version of the web browser Opera. Part 1 of "The Online Issue."
Joab Jackson

Plugged In and Turned On
Online gadgets and more. Part 4 of "The Online Issue."
Kandace Power Graves

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