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Still got a jones for comics? We tried our best to satisfy you, but if that just wasn't enough then, well, we're sorry. Very sorry. A larger comics section may be in our future, but in the meantime here are some sites to satiate your craving for irreverent ink.

Weekly Wire Tangents
Red Meat - The most tasteless and twisted comic strip in the world. From the secret files of Max Cannon. Featuring the Red Meat Archive, Reader Favorite Archive, and the Meat Conference Forum!

Talk Back
Our BBS is its own crazy little world, and you are welcome to inhabit it in any way you like. Log in as Cathy and whine about your love life, or sign on as Jeffy and explain why "Ida Know" keeps doing all sorts of things for which you wish to avoid punishment. Impersonate your favorite superhero, even, if that's what crosshatches your high-contrast zone.

Staff Choices
Help us out here: We're looking for good sites related to Comics and similar subjects. Send us an email with suggestions, or letting us know what you think of what we have so far.

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