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Weekly Alibi "Mother's Day" and the Fiesta Drive-in!

By Scott Phillips

MARCH 23, 1998: 

Mother's Day (1981)

This odd little flick came out in the heyday of the "slasher" genre, and I've been a fan of it since I saw it in its theatrical run (remember when low-budget horror flicks could get released theatrically?). Three women in their 30s, old college pals, get together every year for a "mystery vacation"--but this time around they make the mistake of going on a camping trip, and you know what that means. As the women settle down for the night, two psychos leap out of the dark woods and, using the gals' sleeping bags as convenient carrying cases, drag the women off to their run-down homestead, where their nutty mother awaits. Y'see, mama has trained her boys to be good little rapists and killers, and she loves to watch them practice on unsuspecting woodland girlies. The movie pretty much follows the example set by The Texas Chainsaw Massacre as the boys, Ike and Addley, torment the women in various ways while mom critiques their skills. After a long night torturing one of the women, the boys let off steam by roughhousing on the lawn, and the women escape. The flick makes a U-turn when one of the girls dies and the other two go all Rambo and shit, strapping on headbands and arming themselves with makeshift weapons before making an assault on mom's house. While it's a little light on the nudity and gore, Mother's Day is still pretty entertaining, especially when Ike (who kinda reminded me of a young Lee Marvin) and Addley are on screen. The boys fight about everything, including the merits of Punk vs. Disco, and their arguments invariably come to blows, leading to some pad-the-running-time wrasslin' matches that are nonetheless fun to watch. When they're not fighting, they're eating bucketloads of Trix cereal and promising mom they'll never leave. And hey, there's also that telegraphed-days-in-advance Surprise Ending! An overlooked piece of cinematic sleaze that's definitely worth checking out. (Media)

Drive-in Drome

While they're not exactly showing classic drive-in fodder like Mother's Day, I stumbled across the Web site for The Fiesta Drive-In the other day while looking for naked girls on the Internet, and it just about killed me. The Fiesta, located in Carlsbad, is one of only two passion pits still operating in New Mexico. See, I pretty much grew up in drive-in theaters (no--really?), and their loss has been painful for me, as ridiculous as that may sound. This time of year (when the theaters would be re-opening after the long winter of indoor-only moviegoing) especially tends to set me to jonesin' for the sound of gravel under the tires as the old Pontiac Catalina rolls slowly past the speaker posts looking for the perfect spot. I'm not kidding--the smell of car exhaust at sunset really brings the memories flooding back. I can't bring myself to enter the Wal-Mart on Carlisle where the Duke City Drive-In once stood, just as I refuse to patronize the Century Rio where the less-cool but still sorely-missed Albuquerque 6 is buried. But, by God--Carlsbad! That's not too far away! Emily and I are trying to get our respective schedules in order so we can take a little road trip, catch a flick on one of the Fiesta's three 24-by-54 foot screens, and who knows? Maybe we'll stay in the motel from Gargoyles and pretend the scaly critters are lurking outside, hoping to recover the skull of their fallen comrade! As I write this, the flicks on tap are Spice World, Deep Rising and The Replacement Killers, any one of which would provide perfect drive-in entertainment, but you'll have to check the Web site to see what's currently playing. Open Friday through Monday, the Fiesta offers the classic "six bucks a carload" admission rate (except Monday, when it's a buck a person!) and features car stereo sound (I gotta admit, though, I sure like those tinny old speakers you can accidentally tear from the post while driving away). And you wanna talk concessions? How about popcorn, pizza, taquitos, chili-cheese fries, BBQ sandwiches and of course, every kind of hot dog you could ever wanna stuff down your gullet! Arrggghh! I can't wait! Check out the Fiesta's Web site at http://www.carlsbadnm.com/fiesta/ and then get the hell down there!

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