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Volume I, Issue 42
March 23 - March 30, 1998


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Superpower SFX Entertainment is buying up America's concert business. What does the move toward monopoly mean to the audience and the acts? [2]
Ted Drozdowski

It wouldn't be hard to make fun of MTV VJ Matt Pinfield, but this unlikely character is taking over America's music channel. [3]
Gary Susman

Letters at 3 AM
Will a matchbox hold my clothes? [4]
Michael Ventura

Artist Profiles
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Musical Anglers
Trout Fishing in America has been criss-crossing America relentlessly for more than 20 years. Why? It's the audience, stupid. [5]
Dave Irwin

The Apples' Core
Apples in Stereo know all about band evolution. [6]
Brendan Doherty

Common Ground
Chris Knight and Fred Eaglesmith capture the roots of '90s country music. [7]
Michael McCall

Unlimited Spirit
Chimurenga music king Thomas Mapfumo hasn't been to the US since 1995 because he's too busy easing the pain in Zimbabwe. [8]
Banning Eyre

Album Reviews
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Thrill Jockey labelmates Tortoise and Trans Am define post-rock -- as much as that's possible. [9]
Chris Tweney

Music Tip of the Week
Roni Size Reprazent brings the jungle to the city. [10]
Dave Chamberlain

Boy Oh Boy
A review of the soundtrack to "The Newton Boys." [11]
Raoul Hernandez

Siren Songs
Although less urgent than the last album, Neutral Milk Hotel still rides the edge. [12]
Noel Murray

Now What?
If you go gaga over the sultry smoothness of a symphonic glissando, just wait till you experience our transitions to cool and useful music links on the Web. [18]

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C orporate rock, dude, I hate it. And these big conglomorates coming in trying to take over rock, where do they get the nerve, man? And now SFX Entertainment wants to place a monopolistic stranglehold on the concert scene. Jeez, they're just a bunch of middle-aged men in suits and ugly ties, how bogus. They're so un-rocking they make TicketMaster look like a bunch of Deadheads. Oh yeah, I forgot, SFX Entertainment probably owns TicketMaster now. They bought up like a half-billion dollars worth of concert companies, not to mention rights to all the choice venues. Lame. Might as well rock at home because if you read this story, it looks like SFX Entertainment has un-rocked everyplace else.

At least at home you can watch Matt Pinfield on MTV. He kinda rocks. Yeah, he looks like Uncle Fester. But Uncle Fester was cool. Anyway, Pinfield knows what he's talking about. The dude loves music, and he's always talking about it all the time. He's got a daily show, a night show, and he's all over that M2 station, MTV's sister station to their main-base station. God, I'll bet Pinfield gets all the free promotional discs he can carry. Damn, that rocks.

Oh, there are some other articles you should read. Like about Trout Fishing in America. They're a singing duo who sound fun, if you're a kid whose parents are cool enough to take you to see kid-concerts. Also, this guy gets all loquacious writing about how much he loved Carl Perkins. Rockin' excellence.

For all you country bumpkins here's the skinny on the killer songwriting duo of Chris Knight and Fred Eaglesmith. But if you prefer African music you should read up on Thomas Mapfuno, who uses an instrument called a mbira and refuses to party because a lot of his Zimbabwe pals died of AIDS. You gotta respect that.

I didn't like this article about Trans Am's "post-rock," because rock will never die and thus there cannot be anything "post." So I beg to differ. But nothing against you guys, Trans Am, rock on. By the way, cool name. Is it a T-top?

Mini Reviews
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Record Reviews
Reviews of new albums by Johnny Dowd, Come, Pamela Hart, The Dwarves, Nashville Pussy, Nick Lowe, Alejandro Escovedo, Tito & Tarantula, and about a kajillion other groovy acts.

Boston Phoenix CD Reviews

  • DJ Spooky
  • The Bells
  • 6 String Drag
  • Rhythm & Quad 166
  • b tribe
  • Joe Satriani
  • Junkie XL
  • Loudon Wainwright III
  • Vance Gilbert

Tiny Tunes

  • The Nightcaps
  • Mary Lou Lord

Turn Up That Noise!

  • Drew Neuman
  • Freakwater
  • Jamie Hartford

Rhythm & Views

  • Various boring artists
  • Glenn Kramer
  • Wade Curtiss & The Rhythm Rockers

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