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R esearch abounds this week. In case you missed this tasty bit of governmental reporting, the Feds have finally acknowledged that marijuana may actually have some medicinal value. What does this mean for legalization? Boston Phoenix's Jason Gay gives us the details in "Up in Smoke." Also on deck this week, recent research indicates that how people think they'll feel about events and how they actually end up feeling are commonly very different. What does this mean? Find out in this interview with Harvard psychologist Daniel Gilbert. Rounding out the findings is a look at a recent report that downplays the role of parents in the upbringing of their children. Tucson Weekly's Tom Danehy wonders where his life has really gone in "Study This."

Also on tap this issue: changing gender, Intel's new "big brother" chip, autos, and more.

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Orwell and Intel [6]
"Big Brother" may not be watching, but Bill Gates is.
— James Hanback Jr., NASHVILLE SCENE
Points of Departure [7]
Driving on the other side of the road? Driving from the passenger's side of the vehicle? the Volvo S40 makes driving outside the U.S. comfortable.

Now What? [9]
Can't get enough news? You're in luck -- more news is created every day. Our Now What? page offers a plethora of recommended links to help keep you living in the present.

Volume II, Issue 40
March 29 - April 5, 1999  
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Up in Smoke [2]
Okay, so the feds admit that grass can be good for you, but legalization just isn't in the cards.
Vitamin C for the Soul [3]
Harvard psychologist Daniel Gilbert say we just don't take enough risks.
— Interview by Michelle Chihara, THE BOSTON PHOENIX
Study This [4]
A new study says kids are the same regardless of the amount of time spent with their parents. If that's true, why bother picking them up from day care?
Gender Bender [5]
How Neal Cline resolved a lifelong dilemma by becoming Nicole Cline.
— Carolyn Campbell, SALT LAKE CITY WEEKLY

Teeny Tidbits
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Mr. Smarty Pants [8]
Our resident know-it-all unearths the latest trivia.

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