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APRIL 3, 2000: 

Some soccer-loving kids disable a Buddhist monastery in the Bhutan refuge for displaced Tibetans when they finagle a TV so that they can watch the World Cup—kinda like what happens here when the Vols play Bama, but without the silly orange foam fingers.
Prediction: Sweet and charming. Simple and good. Two great tastes that taste great together.
Probable Entertainment Value: A

John Cusak is a romance-weary record store owner who is making the difficult transition into being a real live grown up after his girlfriend dumps him. Sound like anyone you know?
Prediction: We don't need no steenking prediction.
Probable Entertainment Value: B

Kevin Kline and Kenneth Branagh provide the voices for this Dreamworks animated feature about two two-bit hustlers in the New World, their search for the fabled City of Gold, and their transformation into gods. Of course, it all comes tumbling down. Word of warning: El Dorado shouldn't be confused with the Jerry Upton story.
Prediction: Dreamworks and this picture will buy Elton John yet another Oscar. Feh.
Probable Entertainment Value: B

A secret society at Yale inducts a street-wise kid (Joshua Jackson) who finds out too much about their nefarious ways, some of which involve Craig T. Nelson.
Prediction: Upside: It's the funniest movie you'll see this year. Downside: Unfortunately, it's billed as a thriller.
Probable Entertainment Value: D

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