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APRIL 10, 2000: 

Kiasu philosophy involves the competitive urge to get something before your neighbor.

Pine liqueur, also known as liqueur de sapin, is believed to have certain medicinal properties and it will really get you faced.

There were two versions of Foghat touring from 1990-1993. Roger Earl toured with his version from 1986-1993, and the late Dave Peverett toured with Lonesome Dave's Foghat from 1990-1993. The original band reunited in 1993 when Tony Stevens and Rod Price rejoined, and things were patched up between Dave and Roger.

In Mexico City, an uncontrolled population of street dogs and domestic dogs whose owners don't scoop puts out around 400 tons of feces each day, according to a newspaper account. Those organic particles join others from car and industrial exhausts to form the city's worst public health threat.

4.7 million people will turn 40 in 2000, the most ever for a single year.

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