Volume I, Issue 45
April 13 - April 20, 1998

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News & Opinion
A new type of heroin is on the streets, and not even methadone can stop it -- what's the straight P-dope? Plus: A traveler provides a first-hand glimpse of life in war-torn Belgrade, a couple of articles recount the 30th-anniversary ceremonies for Martin Luther King, Jr.'s untimely death; a nurse explains how to ward off allergies by inducing nausea; and hunters make a killing off of bear gall bladders. Also: columnists sound off on cloning, political correctness, HMO woes, and the comedy of Bill Clinton! [13 articles]

Film & TV
Prefer period pieces with weighty themes, repressed characters and British accents? Let this look at all the films of Merchant/Ivory be your guide. But if you prefer computer-generated graphics, cardboard characters, TV catch-phrases and spaceships that look like Norelco shavers, check out "Lost in Space." Also reviewed this week: "The Big One," "Barney's Great Adventure," "Live Flesh," "Capitaine Conan," and a gaggle of recent videos based on disgruntled, out-of-work Limeys! [15 articles]

A group of "turntablists" called We discover how to turn thrift-store polka records into cutting-edge dance music, while the Bedheads stay wide awake pushing the limits of low-key pop. Wu-Tang Clan members' spin-off efforts don't quite reach "the next level," but Sun Ra's band comes close in their new album. "Titanic"-related CDs prove to be hot sellers, if uneven (dare we say tilted) in quality, while Wanda Jackson and Ronnie Dawson keep rockabilly alive. Plus: Goodbye, Tammy Wynette! [16 articles]

Arts & Leisure
The Internet community continues to push the limits of Web-page ridiculousness, but that's nothing compared to the obnoxious brinksmanship of email spammers or the excessive acronyms of the Net-lingo addicted. It's enough to drive any cybersurfer to unrelented beer-drinking, or at least a few sites about it. Plus: New plays examine the Kindertransport for children of German Jews, and the merging of diverse ethnic groups; while car culture and kitsch culture switch gears to become Car Art! [9 articles]

Carla Sinclair, the notorious netchick who publishes bOING bOING magazine, discusses her new book "Signal to Noise" -- in, appropriately enough, an online interview. Marion Winik, author of "The Lunch-Box Chronicles," hits the spot for one reviewer, and can be taste-tested via an excerpt. Other critiques chew on post-modern evaluations of "The Avengers," the life of Teddy Roosevelt, the implications of being a "bitch," baseball for brain surgeons, and collections of poetry by Deborah Garrison and Lawrence Ferlinghetti. [11 articles]

Come down from your Staggering Heights and get to the Red Meat of the matter with this swell set of cartoons that also includes Mueller, Eye of the Beholder, K. Rat and Random Shots.

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