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Bubble-Gum Nation
The nation's aesthetic sense is skewing young: witness yuppies hoarding cargo pants from the Gap, the Matchbox-like VW Beetle, and Apple's candy-colored iMac, which looks like the kind of computer you'd find in Barbie's dream house.
Jason Gay

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Hide and Sneak
Here's what you should have been reading about last year while the daily papers were full of blow jobs and fluff.
Gabriel Roth


Volume II, Issue 44
April 26 - May 3, 1999

News & Opinion

Despite the evidence from Littleton, Colo., this past week, the nation's teens are a pretty civilized lot, and America's next great youth boom plunges forward, GAP cargo pants flapping. Also, New Mexico's legislative maneuvering toward a school voucher system, an update on the Steve Forbes campaign, making the world safe for American bananas, and more.

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Film & TV

"eXistenZ" is the latest from David Cronenberg, who has given us such memorable films as "Scanners," "Videodrome," and "Dead Ringers." There's reaction from Albuquerque, Boston, and Chicago. "Hideous Kinky" is actually from director Gillies MacKinnon, and lots of other cinematic selections.

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The 100th anniversary of the birth of Duke Ellington is upon us, and the celebration ensures that there will be plenty of re-releases of the master's material. Tom Waits has just put out his first album of new material since 1993. Profiles of Ben Folds, Chris Whitley, and much more.

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Arts & Leisure

An Eye for History
Billy Shakes, Superstar
Hockey Honeymoon
To Baldly Go...
Old South, New Jews
Natural Progression
and more...

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Doug Rushkoff has earned a name as a perceptive cultural critic, and he discusses the counterculture, politics, and the media. Genre fiction may get snubbed, but contemporary crime fiction has a lot to offer. John Sugden lifts the great Shawnee chief Tecumseh out of the quagmire of myth. Plus a debut novel and much more.

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Come down from your Staggering Heights and get to the Red Meat of the matter with this swell set of cartoons that also includes Mueller, Eye of the Beholder, K. Rat and Random Shots.

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