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APRIL 27, 1998: 

This Modern World

To the Editor:

Your disgusting cartoon, “This Modern World,” by Tom Tomorrow, published in your rag of a newspaper [April 9th issue], would be expected on the shelves of a pornographic bookstore, but not in a public media. How could the Flyer publish a series of explicit sexual relations depicting homosexuality, anal intercourse, and depravations under the banner of humor? Your editorial staff, which permitted this publication, is guilty of endangering the youth of our fragile society, who, themselves, are searching for ideals and role models.

Tomorrow’s depraved mentality is evidence that here is a sexual degenerate who should be charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor. In the most disgusting acts of sex, his subjects discuss the brittleness of our journalistic society, insult the Congress and the executive office with choice platitudes, then has the audacity to end the work with a woman in bondage saying, “It’s truly appalling, I wish they’d show a little restraint!”

Thumbing through your rag, I see you display advertisements from this city’s leading merchants. Do you believe that these entities want to be related to this smut? …

I expect and demand a public apology for your onerous behavior and your staff’s indifference to your journalistic profession, which encouraged, and approved this publication of immorality that quite reasonably will influence those of our society who have weak personal standards.

John-Patrick Scott

To the Editor:

Regarding the cartoon in the April 9th issue: Whoever drew it was sick. Your decision to publish it was irresponsible.

Mary M. Merritt
Loudon, TN

To the Editor:

I enjoyed your Tom Tomorrow cartoon, but have heard it’s caused some controversy. I personally think America needs to regain its sense of humor.

Here's a suggestion. In place of any advertisers that may have gone away; print the original art works that Tomorrow sampled, including Cezanne's The Bathers and Luncheon on the Grass by another Impressionist painter...

I think we all know that these businesses exist, but apparently there are people who have never seen or heard of those works of art.

Roy Berry

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