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MAY 8, 2000: 

The President (Kevin Pollak) is trapped in a freak snowstorm on the eve of a nuclear threat from the Iraqis. Will he save the world? Or can Pollak, Timothy Hutton, and Sheryl Lee Ralph manage to escape with their careers intact?
Prediction: How much do you like bad, bad, bad (and moralistic) B-movies?
Probable Entertainment Value: E

Richard Harris is the dying king Aurelius. Russell Crowe is his chosen successor but the evil Joaquin Phoenix stands in his way. Crowe must claw his way back to the top in this Ridley Scott gladiator extravaganza.
Prediction: Did you know it has been four decades since the last chariot epic? Personally, I could wait another four—even if Scott is directing. But it'll be big and flashy and loud, if nothing else.
Probable Entertainment Value: B

Kim Basinger decides to take her son and make a new start...in Africa. Little did she know that with Kenya's beauty also comes fierce danger, especially when you are in the movie version of Kuki Gallman's autobiographical tale.
Prediction: The camera loves the look of Africa and of Basinger and director Hugh Hudson (Chariots of Fire) certainly knows his way around a lens. But are audiences tired of the "strong woman overcoming all" plot? I didn't think so, either.
Probable Entertainment Value: B

A man (Hugo Weaving) is jerked out of his comfy home and into an interrogation for seemingly petty crimes. But who is really the criminal in this existential thriller/brutal meditation on the use of power?
Prediction: While it's not for the faint or heart (or stomach), it will make you think.
Probable Entertainment Value: C

Rachael Griffiths is a 30-something investigative reporter whose biological clock is ticking as loudly as a KISS drum solo. One day she is struck by a car, driven by, well, herself. Soon we're in an alternate-universe in which she has some kiddies but all is not (surprise, surprise) bliss.
Prediction: Griffiths will save this flick from total dullsville—but just barely.
Probable Entertainment Value: C

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