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MAY 8, 2000: 

ADRENALINE DRIVE. Suzuki, a meek and indecisive car rental clerk, experiences one of life's rude awakenings after a car accident with a Tokyo gangster. While awaiting retribution at mob HQ, however, fate takes an explosive turn in this absurdist comedy about stealing love, money and second chances. Starring Hikari Ishida, Masanobu Ando, Jovi Jova, Yutaka Matsushige and Kazue Tsunogae. -- Mari Wadsworth

GHOST DOG: THE WAY OF THE SAMURAI. Not the long awaited sequel to Ghost Dad, nor a movie about a family pet who comes back to life to fight crime, Ghost Dog is a quiet, haiku-like meditation on the ins and outs of mass murder. Forest Whitaker stars as the extremely even-tempered Ghost Dog, a Mafia hit man who lives the life of a medieval Japanese samurai. Somehow, director Jim Jarmusch has made a perfectly entertaining movie whose tone never changes from scenes of gunplay to peaceful dialogue about children's books. Not to be missed, especially if you've been wanting to see a movie with pigeons, ice cream, cute kids and lots of dead mobsters. -- James DiGiovanna

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