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N owadays, applying for new jobs is a cinch. Gone are the days of circling classified ads, printing out resumes, and typing up cover letters. With all the job Websites on the market, you can apply for fifteen new jobs before your day even starts.

A fledgling Internet discussion group now marking its six-month anniversary, K2K is new to Knoxville and the whole realm of civic discourse, and the endlessly evolving conversation seems like a glimpse at politics and public debate in the weird wired future.

The Cumberland River forms the heart of the Central Basin of Tennessee. Over its winding course of 700 miles, the Cumberland drains a watershed of 18,000 square miles. The Cumberland River Compact is committed to a new approach in conservation: networking and dialogue. In Southern Arizona, the San Pedro River is threatened by growth.

Also, the gay movement breaks into the American mainstream, a gay man comes out to himself and his wife, weather radar comes to the Internet, and more.

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Cut, Don't Print [9]
Taking Colorado's Jefferson County Sherriff's Office to task for its music-video "training tape."
— Walter Jowers, NASHVILLE SCENE
Road Show [10]
What's worse? Having sick kids on vacation or being sick yourself?
— Margaret Renkl, NASHVILLE SCENE
Not Fish Nor Fowl [11]
2001 Ford Explorer Sport Trac.
— Marc K. Stengel, NASHVILLE SCENE

Teeny Tidbits
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Mr. Smarty Pants [12]
Can a chicken be half-chaste? Schlotzky's Deli knows.
— Mr. Smarty Pants, AUSTIN CHRONICLE

Volume III, Issue 46
May 8 - May 15, 2000  

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Job Dumping [2]
The art of quitting your office job.
— Grant Rosenberg, NEWCITY CHICAGO
The K2Kronicles [3]
An Internet forum has regular citizens tangling with their elected officials on a daily basis -- and maybe changing the way government works.
— Jesse Fox Mayshark, METRO PULSE
The River of Life [4]
Four years ago, a solitary man swam the Cumberland River's entire 700 miles to bring attention to its polluted state. That inspired a new group of advocates to work to save the river.
River Stance [5]
Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt warns Sierra Vista to manage its rapid growth--or the federal government will.
All Grown Up [6]
Just a few days after Vermont enacted the first-of-its-kind gay-rights legislation, thousands decended on Washington for the first gay-rights march since 1993.
A Family Outing [7]
Even with the closet door open, a husband and wife endure.
— Randy Siegel, MEMPHIS FLYER
Rolling Thunder [8]
Weather radar comes to the Internet in a big way.
— Bill Steinberg, MEMPHIS FLYER
Now What? [13]
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