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Clinton's Narco-Pals

Clinton's Mexican Narco-Pals
Is the Mexican banker who hosted a summit attended by President Clinton involved in the drug trade? And would the American press tell you if he was?
Al Giordano

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Rushdie Rocks
Salman Rushdie breathes easier these days, but public appearances promoting his new rock-and-roll novel can be exhausting.
Peter Kadzis


Volume II, Issue 47
May 17 - May 24, 1999

News & Opinion

A powerful banker allegedly involved in the drug trade hosted a summit attended by President Clinton, but the American press never reported the controversy. It's prom season, and here's a chance to forget about death in high school and remember what it was like to be 17. Death is never far from Odelia Sedillo's mind, though, because she is a mother whose son was murdered. Also, a glimpse of Berlin, an scam that should make taxpayers angry, opinion about Kosovo, and more.

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Film & TV

"Election" is mean and kind at the same time, about how we do things that are unacceptable, and the characters are either wicked, stupid or pathetic. Just your typical campaign story. Franco Zeffirelli's childhood "Tea with Mussolini" gets reviews at odds with each other, but the Bard's latest is a success, our reviewers agree. And there's even more.

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Sono Africa distributes West and Central African music, and its new 12-CD series series provides a revealing sample of local music tastes. There are reviews of new music from the J. Davis Trio, Pastilla, Nihilistic Spasm Band, and Clusone 3, as well as profiles of Randy Newman, Mandy Barnett, Sandy Bull, Robbie Williams, Jonathan Richman, and Tom Zé. And more!

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Arts & Leisure

A Matter Of Voice
Internet Food Sites
Gastrological Forecast
So You Wanna Build a Web Site
and more...

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Leslie Marmon Silko's "Gardens in the Dunes" is a fully-realized, robust novel in the finest tradition of the form. Nathan Englander's first story collection offers a bold and unwavering voice. Paige Baty's "E-mail Trouble" is a tragedy you can't look away from. Plus a novel of the Great Barrier Reef, a Western, and a shelf full of quick glances.

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Come down from your Staggering Heights and get to the Red Meat of the matter with this swell set of cartoons that also includes Mueller, Eye of the Beholder, K. Rat and Random Shots.

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