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Okay, DJ, the song's fading - what are you going to mix into? You don't want to get stuck with dead air. Hurry, do something! Fortunately, we've provided some links to keep your transition smooth. Whether you want a blast of rock or a wisp of jazz, let these sites be music to your eyes.

Club Listings
Who's playing where? For the following towns, we've got the answers. These links are especially useful if you're planning a trip and want to make the most of your evenings, musical entertainment-wise. They're also a great place to bone up on the latest absurd band names.

Talk Back
If anything you just read offended, annoyed or perturbed your senses, here's your place to scream like an angry punk rocker. And if you were delighted by any of the music section's articles, why not sing an aria of praise? To be honest, most of the people who contribute to our message forum do neither, preferring to simply play air guitar with words. Care to back them up on verbal air drums?

Staff Choices
Thanks to user recommendations and our own bloodshot-eye-inducing Web exploration, we've discovered a number of cool pages we want to share. These links should have something to offer everybody, and if you're one of the exceptions, then please email us with favorite sites of your own.

  • (NH)

  • (AB)

  • (WG)

  • (DF)

It would be more accurate to describe these vaults as "Music Registers," which contain lists of descriptions about regular local acts in specific cities. You never know, the next Beatles, Nirvana, Kool & the Gang or even, um, Bachman Turner Overdrive could be hidden in these pages somewhere. Other types of vaults are also available.

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