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By Blake de Pastino

GRAND SLAM: So you think slam poetry is the coolest thing to happen to Albuquerque since Daryl Strawberry came to town? Or maybe you're just looking for a team to root for since the Dukes have left you without a hope? Either way, now's the time to show some hometown pride by being on hand to witness the formation of Albuquerque's 1998 Poetry Slam Team. This Monday, find your way down to the Fabulous Dingo Bar, where local poets will gather for the mother of all verbal bouts, the annual Grand Slam. Poets who have won the top slots in the city's monthly competitions--like the Dingo's Poetry & Beer or Gold Coast Coffee's Words on Wednesday--will go head to head, mouthing off one poem at a time, to be judged Olympic-style. The winners will then be carried away on the shoulders of admiring fans and eventually sent to Austin, Texas, where this year's National Poetry Slam Championships will be held in August. But it will mean nothing unless you're there, looking on, swilling beer, pulling for your local favorite and starting fights in Peanut Heaven.

The 1998 Grand Slam takes place Monday, May 25 at 8 p.m. at the Dingo Bar (313 Gold SW). Admission $2. For more information, call the Slam Team at 924-1038.

SMART ALEC: Both practical and fashion-conscious as a kid, Michael Thomas Ford once planned a special wardrobe for the Second Coming, just in case. Sometime later, he became convinced that the eerily cheerful woman on "Romper Room" was out to destroy him. Today, Ford spends his time writing award-winning books and obsessing over a certain Hollywood actor who's known for making mediocre movies and being married to "the human equivalent of cotton candy." In his new collection of essays, Alec Baldwin Doesn't Love Me & Other Trials From My Queer Life, Michael Thomas Ford takes autobiography, turns it inside out and gussies it up to fit the description of "queer" in every sense of the word. With catty humor and a decent dose of insight, the author proves himself to be a sharp wit who takes everything--except himself--too seriously. And he is probably the first writer in history to describe Alec Baldwin as "masculine." If you like the sound of such essays as "Diary of a Would-Be Porn Star" and "If Jesus Loves Me, Why Hasn't He Called?" then don't miss this opportunity to meet Michael Thomas Ford this Thursday.

Michael Thomas Ford will sign copies of Alec Baldwin Doesn't Love Me & Other Trials From My Queer Life, Thursday, May 21 at 6:30 p.m. at Sisters & Brothers Bookstore (4011 Silver SE). Call 266-7317.

--Blake de Pastino

May 20 - May 26, 1998

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