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JUNE 1, 1998:  We love our guns.

After all, guns keep us free. If you don't think so, just ask Randy Weaver and David Koresh.

Now before you call or write in, consider this: We're not advocating taking away your hunting rifles. Nope. We don't even want to take away that Colt under your driver's seat.

We are simply saying that it's time to bring some sanity to the gun debate. That means that gun advocates don't pull their hair-trigger any time someone suggests modest restraint or regulation.

The whole noisy gun-regulation mess came home to roost again recently, when some poor soul had the temerity to suggest that concealed weapons be disallowed at the 2002 Winter Olympics. But faster than you can say Wyatt Earp, gun advocates were going nuts, saying things like, gee, if you ban firearms at the Olympics, next thing you know we won't be able to carry our Barrettas into Sunday school. That, of course, will lead to banning guns in junior high schools; which in turn will lead to the banning of concealed weapons at the State Legislature. And before you know it, the Second Amendment will be abolished and we'll be living under the thumbs of dictators.

Wait just a second: Disallowing concealed weapons at the Winter Olympics doesn't abridge anybody's Constitutional right to keep and bear arms. Nor does banning firearms from churches, schools or government buildings.

You want to carry a magnum in your glove compartment so you can feel safe if you break down on a dark road? Go ahead. You want to keep that .22 automatic in your purse so you can feel safe enough to walk the streets? Feel free. You want to keep that .38 Special in the nightstand to fend off intruders? Be our guest.

Those are the real reasons some people want guns. It has nothing to do with the U.S. Constitution, the Second Amendment, or anything else outside of personal security. So, go ahead, take your pistol to your family reunion.

But give the rest of us a break. When someone suggests keeping guns locked away from children, it isn't part of a New World Order conspiracy. When reasonable people want guns out of schools, it doesn't add up to a chink in the Constitution. And when the National Centers For Disease Control issues a report that shows that this country leads the world in gun deaths because the nation is awash in firearms, don't say the study was somehow guided by anti-gun crazies.

Guns can and do kill people. And in many instances, the victims don't look like the bad guys.

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