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JUNE 1, 1999: 

Boy (the naughty Hugh Grant) meets girl (the toothsome Julia Roberts) in a swank London neighborhood. The catch: the girl is excruciatingly famous and the couple can't get a moment's peace. "Funny" scenes of dodging the press follow. Will it work out? You could simply cut the tension with a blunt, plastic knife.
Prediction: They should have called it Nodding Off.
Probable Entertainment Value: C

Visionaries played by Craig Bierko and Armin Mueller-Stahl create a simulacrum of 1937 L.A. on a computer chip. Then all hell breaks loose—and that's only Gretchen Mol's acting.
Prediction: The Guru has loved Vincent D'Onofrio in every project he's taken on—even if the project itself (like Feeling Minnesota) is crap on toast. While his performance alone should be worth a matinee ticket, this film seems to have a smart script going for it as well. But keep in mind the best laid screenwriter plays can be handily foiled by a Hollywood producer.
Probable Entertainment Value: B

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