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JUNE 5, 2000: 

The pace of the Foreign Legion's march - 88 steps per minute - is almost the same as that of the former king's soldiers.

According to the federal Dept. of Education, 118,701 children were paddled in Texas public schools in the 1996-97 school year (the last year for which data is available).

Carl's Jr. in Mexico carries the Machaca Burrito, a popular breakfast item filled with shredded beef, onions, rice, and bell peppers.

Helvetica, one of the most popular typefaces of all time, was designed by Max Miedinger in 1957 for the Haas foundry of Switzerland (the name is derived from Helvetia, the Latin name for Switzerland).

The birthday for Aunt Bea (Andy Griffith Show) was on St. Patrick's Day.

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