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Pregnant Pause
Controversial Citizen Ruth has come a long way, baby. [2]
James DiGiovanna

Court Jesters
Trial & Error. [3]
Devin D. O'Leary

Court of Appeals
Night Falls on Manhattan and other films. [4]
Noel Murray and Jim Ridley

Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things and Blood Feast. [5]
Scott Phillips

  • Albino Alligator
  • Citizen Ruth
  • Female Perversion
  • Gone Fishin'
  • Lost World, The
  • 'Til There Was You
  • Trailblazer, The
  • Trial and Error
  • Warriors of Virtue

  • June 6 - June 12, 1997

    I never thought I'd see a funny movie about the abortion debate. I'm still not sure it's possible. But if this review is any indication, an independent film called Citizen Ruth satirizes the controversy with remarkable success, managing to never become preachy, didactic, or take sides. Just call it "pro-laugh."

    Other reviews this week include two surprisingly un-judgmental evaluations of Trial & Error, which you can read by going either here or here. While Jeff Daniels and Michael Richards may be good for courtroom comedy, nobody handles courtroom drama like director Sidney Lumet, whose Night Falls in Manhattan receives a favorable notice here too. The folks who made Gone Fishin' aren't so fortunate, as this hilarious pan makes clear.

    Cult film lovers would be wise to check out this month's Videodrome, which pays homage to all the best camp, cheese, kitsch and horror of bygone years. Currently featured: Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things and Blood Feast, two movies you definitely shouldn't watch while eating meat-lovers' pizza with extra sauce. And our weekly mini reviews (see the lower-left section of this page) offer a gaggle of short-form movie reviews. While you're at it, take a look in our vast Film Vault but don't get lost in there!

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