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Who or what is watching her at her bedroom window? Who cares?

By Michael Peel

JUNE 15, 1998: 

Twilight Boy, by Timothy Green (Northland). Paper, $6.95.

SUSPENSE AND HORROR await Carolyn Manchester when she arrives at Standing Rock Trading Post. Who or what is watching her at her bedroom window? Is it what the Navajo call a "skinwalker"? The answers can only come to light through the powers of a young man whose secret warrior name is "Twilight Boy." Such is the premise of this novel by Timothy Green.

This could have been a very good and exciting novel. Instead, it turns out to be a so-so story. The biggest problem is the pace: The back of the book gives the impression that this story is fast-paced, with horror, magic and adventure; but it takes too long to develop, and there's absolutely nothing scary about the "skinwalker."

Twilight Boy does have its high points, like how the author keeps the reader interested in who the skinwalker might be. He also talks a lot about the Navajo culture and way of life.

The characters are well written, focusing on Manchester and Jesse Begey, the "Twilight Boy." Their budding romance gets annoying after awhile, as they try to figure out how to save Begey's grandfather from the "skinwalker."

It all leads to a disappointing ending that leaves the whole mystery hanging...but open for a sequel.

--By Michael Peel, age 13

McGee Middle School

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