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June 20 - July 1, 1997

At Home In The World
A look at several recent works by poet and environmentalist Gary Snyder. [2]
Gregory McNamee

Hear Them Roar
Women essayists cover the gamut from penises to homemade candy in this this entertaining new anthology. [3]
Edith Sorenson

Full Trough
How the rich get richer off government largess. [4]
James DiGiovanna

Media Mix
View Camera magazine has a thing or two to teach us about the pursuit of excellence. [5]

Speed Reader
What to read... and not. [6]
Blake de Pastino, Angie Drobnic, Jessica English

Ramblin' Man
Richard Currey's Lost Highway. [7]

Everyone Gets Naked
David Sedaris, author of Naked, is as likeable, funny, and self-effacing in person as he is as the dead-on narrator of his hilarious essays. [8]
Anne S. Lewis

Order on the Court
Recent basketball books that score, and, well, don't score. [9]
Christopher Gray

In Person: James Hynes
Local author James Hynes doesn't give a damn about offending postmodernists, and his new book Publish and Perish: Three Tales of Tenure and Terror should explain why. [10]
Jeremy Reed

Now What?
A Web link page chock full of resources, recommendations, and staff picks pertaining to the subject of this section. [11]


ooks, mmmm. Some people say I have a one-track mind. What they fail to understand is that I don't have a mind; I'm an invertebrate. An invertebrate who loves eating books. Which brings me back to books, mmmm.

Why do I love books? Because they're soft, pulpy, and easy to devour. I prefer hard-bound books because they're crunchier. But paperbacks are good for a snack.

I don't have much else to say this week because, well, I've been eating books all day and I guess I'm a tad bloated. It's embarrassing - I look like a caterpillar! Time to try that new Vermiform Diet ™ I've read so much about. Too bad I ate the brochure.

Anyway, here's what I gorged on:

Naked by David Sedaris

A Place in Space and Mountains and Rivers Without End by Gary Snyder

The Beacon Book of Essays by Contemporary Women edited by Wendy Martin

Best Seat in the House by Spike Lee and A Rocket at Heart by Rudy Tomjanovich

Lost Highway by Richard Currey

Take the Rich Off Welfare by Mark Zepezauer and Arthur Naiman

Publish and Perish: Three Tales of Tenure and Terror by James Hynes

Plus various other books and magazines (ooh, those perfume samples!). All in all, only one word springs to my non-mind: Mmmm.

Talk Back
Our online BBS is just like the Algonquin Round Table, only electronic, sober, and without all the famous people.

From The Vaults

Machine Dreams
Artists Explore Our Love-Hate For All Things Mechanical. [06-06-97]
Jeffrey Lee

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