June 20 - July 1, 1997

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The first official issue of Weekly Wire has arrived! We're proud to present what we suspect will become the hub for alternative news on the Web. Several weekly publications, all members of AAN (the Association of Alternative Newsweeklies), are contributing to this site on a regular basis, with more on the way. We hope you'll take the time to explore our many features, as well as making regular return trips.

Choose the topics you're interested in, pick the articles you want to read, and you'll get your own personal edition of some of the newspapers hosted here at Weekly Wire.

Film Vault
Hundreds of film reviews and thousands of links! Sort alphabetically or by publication, genre, director, or date. Check it out!

Red Meat
The most tasteless and twisted comic strip in the world. Featuring the Red Meat Archive, Reader Favorite Archive, and the Meat Conference Forum!

Talk Back
Got the newsgroup blues? Get away from the spammers, scammers, and rapid scrolling of Usenet groups and try our cozy, easy-to-use BBS instead.

Additional Vaults
Besides the Film Vault, we carry multitudinous archives that include various cities' Best Of editions, local music registers, album reviews, book reviews, and plenty more.

Info Booth
This is your one-stop shop for communicating with Weekly Wire. From here you can email relevant staff contacts, check our latest press releases, jump in to our on-line community forum Talk Back, find answers to common question on our FAQ, and find general information about Weekly Wire and its online content partners.

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News & Opinion
Hurry up and read Time Bombed, an in-depth article about our society's devastating overemphasis on speed and convenience, and the many ways people are fighting back. Weird Science puts a noted scientist under the microscope and discovers that he, contrary to stereotypes, has a creative streak a parsec wide. (11 articles)

Film & TV
Find out why: Speed 2: Cruise Control deserves an honor as this summer's Waterworld, Robert Hughes' PBS series American Visions deserves to be re-run, Message to Love: The Isle of Wight Festival reveals the sham of the Woodstock ideal, and Angel Baby turns schizophrenic love into sublimely painful cinema. Also: A refreshingly sarcastic Summer Movie Preview! (16 articles)

A heavy emphasis on country music this week, with articles on such topics as: country do's and don'ts, the top 10 albums of 1997 so far, commercial jingles by famous country artists, home-spun record labels, and such high-integrity artists as James McMurty. In the non-country realm, we've got stories about Link Wray, Yo La Tengo, Guided By Voices, and Grover Washington Jr., among many others. And then, of course, there's the album reviews... (16 articles)

Arts & Leisure
What's the best show on TV this summer? If you said reruns of Seinfeld and The Simpsons, you may be in need of a new brightness knob. The correct response is P.O.V., the documentary series on PBS. An article provides details. Also: Andrew Wyeth's Helga and John Waters' Divine - how are they connected? We've got the answer. And why is an artist known as "The Phantom of Park City" leaving large metal sculptures in key city locations? (11 articles)

Find out how Naked, a collection of laugh-out-loud memoirs by David Sedaris, stretches the truth in order to tell the truth about the author's obsessive-compulsive childhood. Also: The Beacon Book of Essays by Contemporary Women pins down burning questions about feminism, marriage, and the difference between "penis" and the "phallus." And Take the Rich Off Welfare questions how the Pentagon could "lose" $28 billion in taxpayer money. (9 articles)

Why nibble on Peanuts when you can gorge on Red Meat? (7 comics)

All the contributors to Weekly Wire, along with other AAN (Association of Alternative Newsweeklies) publications, can be read from this one easily accessible spot. Strongly recommended for bookmarking. (107 newspapers)

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