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June 20 - July 1, 1997


Guitar God
The legendary Link Wray, credited with inventing heavy metal guitar riffs way back in the ancient 1950s, is comin' to town. [2]
Ron Bally

Christopher Hess asks Yo La Tengo, who will be appearing at Liberty Lunch Friday the 20th, about the near bipolarity of the band's origins and its present state. [3]

Speaking in Tongues
Guided by Voices with Flake and Cobra Verde. [4]
Michael Henningsen

Soul Man
Grover Washington Jr. captures pure elegance. [5]
Michael Henningsen

Cypher In The Snow bring their bad grrrl, piratical sexuality to the local stage. [6]
Lisa Weeks

Jerry Joseph, Superstar
The second coming of the Jackmormons. [7]
Bill Frost

On the Verge of Obsolescence
What local songwriting legend James McMurtry thinks songs are for. [8]
Michael Bertin

James McMurtry's It Had to Happen
A review of his latest release. [9]

Saving His Marbles
R.B. Morris makes literary rock šnš roll. [10]
Bill Friskics-Warren

Rhyme and Reason
Our critic compares the cream of current country. [11]
Michael McCall

Back in Business
The rise of Charlie Daniels, record mogul. [12]
Beverly Keel

All Over the Country
Ten superior new country LPs. [13]
Michael McCall

Jingles with Hair
Heard familiar voices in advertisements lately? It's no accident...how and why some local musicians are popping up in the most unlikely places. [14]
Andy Langer

Live Shots
Reviews of jazz performances at the Clarksville-West End Jazz and Arts Festival and the Acid Jazz Showcase at the Caucus Club. [15]

Rhythm & Views
Dukes Of Hamburg, Kraftwerk, Various Kerouac Fans. [16]

Tiny Tunes
Souls, Scared of Chaka, and Smog. [17]
Michael Henningsen

Now What?
A Web link page chock full of resources, recommendations, and staff picks pertaining to the subject of this section. [18]

O kay, here's the deal. We're rounding - or should I say wrangling - you up and dividing you into two groups this week: Country and Non-Country. Because many of our contributors' papers come from the Grand Ole State of Tennessee, we tend to have lots of articles about the types of musicians who wear cowboy hats. But we don't want to alienate those of you who couldn't give a horseshoe about country music. So I'm going to start with those un-American country haters, Group Two.

Here's a sampling of what this week's issue has to offer Group Two:

  • A bio on '50s guitar-strangler extraordinaire, Link Wray, who's still strumming after all these years

  • An update on the seasoned concert philosophy of Yo La Tengo

  • A complimentary interview comparing Guided By Voices to the Fab Four

  • Details on the 25-year history of saxophone wailer Grover Washington, Jr.

Okay, and now for you all-American, hard-workin', Heartland-residing Group Oners, here's what we've got:

  • An interview with, and album review about, the high-integrity country artist James McMurty

  • An in-depth analysis of what's right and wrong with country music today

  • A story about how many older acts, like Charlie Daniels and the Bellamy Brothers, are starting their own labels to save money and stay competitive

  • Another story about how no-longer-hot country veterans are making a lucrative living performing for commercial jingles

  • With non-Letterman reverence, a Top-10 Country Album list for the first half of 1997

Woo-wee! No matter which camp you belong to, you're going to - or should I say gonna - have to do a lot of reading to keep up with all this music news. And don't forget to check out the album reviews lurkin' at the bottom of the article list.

Talk Back
If anything in this section offends, annoys or perturbs your senses, here's your place to scream like an angry punk rocker.

From The Vaults

The Best of Luck
A look at Joy Lynn White, a country singer whošs making quality music with no help from the Music Row establishment. [06-13-97]
Michael McCall

Personal Language
Distinctive new pop releases by Lamb and Lori Carson. [06-06-97]
Michael McCall

Tiny Tunes
Willie and Lobo, & Fear Factory. [06-13-97]
Michael Henningsen

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