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JUNE 21, 1999: 

It's a lost weekend out in the tiny, desert town of Baxter and the season's hottest crop of off-beat stars (like Kate Hudson, Christina Ricci, Casey Affleck, and Sara Gilbert) come out to play.
Prediction: Blue has hip indie written all over it; most of the actors, producers, and director have credits that hit the best of the Sundance krewe. But does this flick mine its material deep enough? Or does it simply skim the surface and cover its shallowness with a cutting-edge soundtrack and Tarantino edits?
Probable Entertainment Value: C

John Travolta makes yet another bid for an Oscar nod with this Tom Clancy-esque flick about a good soldier who has to choose between the truth and the Army's version of the truth. Dear Lord, nominate him already, so he'll go back to doing fun stuff and give up this dour "serious actor" business.
Prediction: It'll be like A Few Good Men without all of the light-hearted humor.
Probable Entertainment Value: C

Disney proves that it is running out of storylines (What's next? Barsoom? Foundation? The Blue Lagoon?) by animating this Edgar Rice Burrough's classic. In short: Baby raised by apes becomes a man set to Phil Collins soundtrack.
Prediction: Perhaps The Guru is still scarred from Greystoke: Legend of Tarzan and can't think too clearly on the whole apeman thing but this should be the latest in a series of lackluster attempts by Disney to cash in on the kid market. But look at it this way—all of those fast food outlets will be thrilled to get rid of those dark, scary Phantom Menace toys and replace them with some friendly, animal-shaped Tarzan toys.
Probable Entertainment Value: C

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