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Volume II, Issue 52
June 21 - June 28, 1999  

s ummer is here, and so is a special package from the Memphis Flyer to get you prepared to enjoy it.

It's time to put on your flip-flops, or maybe play some golf. Watch out for the sun, though! And don't look too closely at that hot dog.

When you're done, take off the heat with some ice cream. Or take off your clothes. You wouldn't want a job as a sports mascot this time of year, eh? And if you're showing skin, you might decorate it. Or not. And if your plans include travel, check the Internet first for bargains.

Of course, you might still be stuck in front of the television, watching the last few games of the NBA finals, or wondering what else is going on in the world of sports.

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The NBA's Phantom Menace [11]
Post MJ, the Force still guides the NBA.
Ups And Downs [12]
In-depth analysis of late-breaking development in the world of sports.

Now What? [13]
A gallery of captivating links to keep your imagination churning while the paint dries.

Summer '99
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The Flip-Flop [2]
The pros and cons of the summer's most-hated footwear.
— Jim Hanas and Chris Davis, MEMPHIS FLYER
The Lessons of Golf [3]
Learning on the links.
— George Shadroui and Phil Campbell, MEMPHIS FLYER
Here Comes the Sun [4]
We don't need advice on how to handle the heat, right?
— Debbie Gilbert, MEMPHIS FLYER
Deconstructing the Hot Dog [5]
What lurks within America's summer favorite?
— Eileen Loh-Harrist, MEMPHIS FLYER
Good Humor [6]
A day with a cool ice-cream man.
— Mary Cashiola, MEMPHIS FLYER
Pantless Karaoke? [7]
A day in the life of a nudist resort.
— Phil Campbell, MEMPHIS FLYER
One Cookin' Bird [8]
Inside the suit with Rockey the Rockin' Redbird.
— Eileen Loh-Harrist, MEMPHIS FLYER
Getting It On... Taking It Off [9]
Summer means business for tattoo artists... and for laser surgeons who can make body art disappear.
— Eileen Loh-Harrist, MEMPHIS FLYER
Surf and Save [10]
A quick survey of some cyber starting points for summer travel plans.
— Paul Gerald, MEMPHIS FLYER

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