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Volume I, Issue 55
June 22 - June 29, 1998  

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Indentured Servitude [2]
There's no such thing as a good record deal.
— Michael Bertin, AUSTIN CHRONICLE
Showing Improvement [3]
Michael McCall surveys the best of country.
Two to Tango [4]
Ron Wynn on vibist Gary Burton and Argentine tango master Astor Piazzolla.
Semi-Crazy [5]
With his new album, Junior Brown cements his reputation as the king of the honky-tonk.
— Mark Jordan, MEMPHIS FLYER
Raging Debates [6]
Ron Wynn on Gene Lees' Singers and the Song II and other current books on music and musicians.

Artist Profiles
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Keeping Time [9]
For fiddling prodigy Alison Krauss, the key to life and music is setting your own pace.
Singular Spinane [8]
After leaving Seattle and bandmate Scott Plouf, Rebecca Gates relaunches the Spinanes from Chicago.
— Dave Chamberlain, NEWCITY CHICAGO
Back in Black, Frankly [7]
Frank Black puts the ability back into credibility.
— Brendan Doherty, WEEKLY ALIBI

Now What? [13]
If you go gaga over the sultry smoothness of a symphonic glissando, just wait till you experience our transitions to cool and useful music links on the Web.


N ot exactly "fast-breaking news", but the music business sure has become complicated. Record deals rarely, if ever, benefit the artist. Superstars one day are not just old news the next--they become non-entities. Popular music seems to thrash around like some kind of greedy slug trying to cash in on whatever sound accidentally breaks nationally. But through it all, there are signs things are getting better.

Junior Brown has been making killer country music for a while now, and he's finally getting some recognition. Mark Jordan talks about Junior's new album, "Long Way Back to San Antone" and we get a glimpse of an artist who just falls between the cracks stylistically and is a mite short on air play. He just keeps on keeping on. Go Junior!

What's the truth about record deals? The Austin Chronicle's Michael Bertin tells us the bad news with some good advice added in. If this doesn't give the band down the street some food for thought, we're not sure what will.

Country music seems to be pulling out of a long boring drought. Or so says Nashville Scene's, Michael McCall. For old country fans, this is definitely good news. McCall also compiles a top 10 country album list to make his point.

Mini Reviews
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Turn Up That Noise! [10]

  • Tricky
  • Ninewood

Rhythm & Views [11]
  • The Dead Milkmen
  • Francis Dunnery
  • Sam Bush

Tiny Tunes [12]
  • Dump
  • P.E.E.

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