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JUNE 26, 2000: 

UK's Medicinal Plant Research Centre is studying whether aromatherapy with lemon balm oil can help Alzheimer's patients.

In 1950, some said that Tampa, Florida's water supply tasted swampy. Others described it as woody, mildewed, and old-oaken-bucket-like. The taste was due to a dry spell.

"Jaywalker" was coined by New Yorkers in the 1800s to describe county folk visitors. They were called jays, short for bluejays.

Hot Foot Teddy was the nickname of a cub found in a May 1950 fire in the Capitan Mountains. He was later named Smokey Bear by Elliott S. Barker, who was instrumental in making a symbol for protecting forests.

By one estimate, there are more than 100 million exit signs in the U.S., consuming 30-35 billion kilowatt hours of energy annually.

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