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Stacy Valentine: The Girl Next Door

Love Thy Neighbor
Christine Fugate's new documentary "The Girl Next Door" follows Stacy Baker from her childhood in Tulsa to her rise as porn star Stacy Valentine.
Marc Savlov

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Writing 'Rebel'
Academy Award-nominated screenwriter Stewart Stern remembers writing Rebel Without a Cause: "I was caught up in the same kind of fervency and speed that the characters were."
Charles Nafus


Volume IV, Issue 1
June 26 - July 3, 2000

News & Opinion

Organic farming is coming of age, thanks to a strong economy and growing concern about food safety. In recent months, the sport of choice among ranchers along Arizona's border with Mexico has become stalking undocumented migrants. What if you spent $80 million to build a history museum and had nothing to put in it? Plus, what you learn from teaching preschoolers for thirty years, talking to radio listeners for twenty years, and more.

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Film & TV

Christine Fugate's documentary on rising porn star Stacy Valentine isn't much more than an extended TV profile, though it offers a compelling view of life in the porn biz. "Chicken Run" is absolutely delightful filmmaking. Also, "Me, Myself and Irene," the new collaboration from the Farrelly brothers and Jim Carrey, Disney's updated Fantasia 2000, and more.

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Record labels are dead, according to an e-mail dialogue between Dave Marsh and Daniel Wolff on the future of the music industry. Jimmie Dale Gilmore has spent his 30-year career exploring an unexpected and novel musical juxtaposition. The late Doug Sahm's many varied musical incarnations won't disappear into history. Plus, Judith Edelman, Of Montreal, 311, Killah Priest, and more.

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Arts & Leisure

Audio Online
It's War
On The Run
Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
American Classic
and more...

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Somewhere between the writer and the reader there must be a publisher to package the author's vision and convey it to the public. "The Milagro Beanfield War" has been something of an albatross around John Nichols' neck. Philip Roth's new book reveals something unattractive about America. Plus, a potpourri of literary boosterism, obsolete canons of culture, and more.

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Come down from your Staggering Heights and get to the Red Meat of the matter with this swell set of cartoons that also includes K. Rat and Random Shots.

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