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By Devin D. O'Leary

JUNE 29, 1998: 

Déjà Vu

Henry Jaglom (L.A.'s less cliché, but not-nearly-as-funny version of Woody Allen) continues to ruminate on the state of modern love. This time around, he has a Los Angeles shop owner named Dana and an Englishman named Sean meet and fall in love at first sight. The only hitch is that Sean's already married, and Dana's engaged to her business partner. If Jaglom's other chatty cinematic observations (Eating, Someone to Love) are your cup of tea, then you'll probably enjoy this one. If your tastes run to the less highbrow, then there's always Eddie Murphy talking to a gerbil.

Doctor Doolittle

This one baffles me, really. First of all, somebody in Hollywood had to decide that remaking the 1967 musical bomb Doctor Doolittle was a good idea. Then, some studio executive had to come up with the brilliant idea that Eddie Murphy would be the perfect replacement for Rex Harrison. The progress of logic in this little scenario escapes me. ... I'm not saying you won't milk some hearty laughs out of this comedy in which veterinarian Murphy is able to talk with the animals (grunt and squeak and squawk with the animals); I'm just saying that Hollywood is filled with idiots. If they ever do make a successful film, it's by pure accident.

Out of Sight

George Clooney stars as a charming bank robber who busts out of prison in this adaptation of Elmore Leonard's best-selling novel. Motivations turn from robbery to romance, though, when our rogue hero kidnaps a beautiful federal agent (Jennifer Lopez). Ving Rhames, Don Cheadle and Albert Brooks are also along for the ride. Barry Sonnenfeld showed Hollywood how to do Leonard right with his 1995 version of Get Shorty. Now director Steven Soderbergh (sex, lies and videotape) gives up the indie auteur label to direct this comic caper.

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