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Volume II, Issue 1
June 29 - July 6, 1998  

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NOVEMBER 3, 1998:
Swede Dreams
It would have been hard to predict the impact that Swedish artists like the Cardigans and Robyn have had in the US in 1997.
— Michael Freedberg, THE BOSTON PHOENIX
AUGUST 18, 1997:
Letters at 3AM
Despite what Phil Ochs may have thought when he killed himself, he did make a difference in an ugly world.
— Michael Ventura, AUSTIN CHRONICLE

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Down-home Delights [2]
Decades ago, Mississippi-based Malaco Records would have been called a "race" label. Today, the little blues powerhouse that brought us Z.Z. Hill's "Downhome Blues," is merely underappreciated.
— Ted Drozdowski, THE BOSTON PHOENIX
The Reel Deal [3]
The '90s have seen the movie soundtrack develop a commercial life of its own -- independent of the film with which it may happen to share a name.
The House Is Rockin'... [4]
Corralling insurgent country bands into one distinct genre is a bit like rounding up wild mustangs.
The Beginning of the End [5]
The history and heyday of the East 11th Street entertainment district.
— Michael Bertin, AUSTIN CHRONICLE
A Night at The Eastside Lounge [6]
A night at The Eastside Lounge.

Artist Profiles
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Continental Kitsch [7]
Something's not quite right with Sacrebleu, the full-length US debut by French DJ Dimitri from Paris. But what do you expect from a French guy pretending to be an American guy pretending to be French.
Christian McBride Stands Alone [8]
Extrordinary jazz bassist, Mc Bride -- often compared to Charlie Mingus, is profiled.
— Michael Henningsen, WEEKLY ALIBI
He's Not Strange [9]
After more than 30 years of making music, Keith Sykes continues to lead the way for Memphis singer/songwriters.
— Mark Jordan, MEMPHIS FLYER
Back to School [10]
Teresa takes country to college.
Common Ground [12]
Gospel group Malachi's divine message crosses borders and denominations.
— Christopher Hess, AUSTIN CHRONICLE


F ollowing fast on the proverbial heels of the Film section--a segue as it were--Boston's Matt Ashare looks at the 90's Soundtrack Package Phenomenon. Beyond the politics and the hype, these albums have a major commercial punch right now. Doubt it? We have one word for you: Titanic.

Tucson Weekly's Lisa Weeks examines the current state of the alt. country scene. The music seems to grow offshoot sub-genres creating an bubbling musical stew. A stew which, while it respects its country roots very much stands away from them.

Can the French actually mock themselves? Apparently so, as long as the joke extends to Americans too. Meet DJ Dimitri, an French singer pretending to be an American pretending to be French. He is....how do you say?....so kooky.

We've got lots of profiles this week. Be sure to check out the ones on Austin's gospel powerhouse, Malachi, Christian McBride, and Memphis' Keith Sykes. Reviews? Lots and lots.

Album Reviews
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Disposable Heroes [15]
On "Version 2.0," says Michael McCall, Garbage lives down to its name.
The Sound of Fury [16]
Bill Friskics-Warren gets Tricky.
— Bill Friskics-Warren, NASHVILLE SCENE
Album Review [13]
King of Kings.

Mini Reviews
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Rhythm & Views [17]

  • Bassholes
  • Horace Andy
  • Mark Knopfler

Record Reviews [18]
  • Girls Against Boys
  • Smashing Pumpkins
  • Josh Rouse
  • Lucinda Williams
  • Laurie Lewis
  • Pernice Brothers
  • the Horton Brothers
  • Ricardo Lemvo & Makina Loca
  • Tricky

Turn Up That Noise! [11]
  • Joe Ely
  • Charlie Haden & Kenny Barron

Boston Phoenix CD Reviews [19]
  • Creeper Lagoon
  • The Prissteens
  • The Mekons
  • Gravity Kills
  • Jenny Mae
  • George Coleman Quartet
  • Trio Hurricane
  • Maddy Prior

Tiny Tunes [14]
  • The Twinkeyz
  • Lili Haydn

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