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If you're looking for Family Circus, boy did you just take a wrong turn.

July 2 - July 8, 1997

Staggering Heights
Sometimes in life, you have to stop and smell the rosé. [2]

Red Meat
From the secret files of Max Cannon. Manly humor from the palpitating heart of darkest Middle America. [3]

Doodling on the edge of madness. [4]

Eye of the Beholder
Visual haiku. [5]

K. Rat
No one better examplifies the life of a desert-dweller in the Naked Pueblo. [6]

Random Shots
Weird vibes from the highly original mind of Rand Carlson. [7]

La Cucaracha
Donde humor se inscribe, pero no se despide! [8]

Talk Back
Our BBS is its own crazy little world, and you are welcome to inhabit it in any way you like, even if that means impersonating your favorite comics character.

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