July 8 - July 14, 1997

What's New
If you're wondering what happened to DesertNet, wonder no more: this is it. We've expanded, revamped, and completely restructured our site to create Weekly Wire. Now in its third official issue, Weekly Wire is a supersite featuring news, film, music, arts, and literary articles from several of the nation's top alternative newsweeklies. Bookmark this site and you won't be sorry -- we've got more to offer than ever.

Choose the topics you are interested in, pick the articles you want to read, and you'll get your own personal edition of some of the newspapers hosted here at Weekly Wire.

Film Vault
Hundreds of film reviews and thousands of links! Sort alphabetically or by publication, genre, director, or date. Check it out!

Red Meat
The most tasteless and twisted comic strip in the world. Featuring the Red Meat Archive, Reader Favorite Archive, and the Meat Conference Forum!

Talk Back
Got the newsgroup blues? Get away from the spammers, scammers, and rapid scrolling of Usenet groups and try our cozy, easy-to-use BBS instead. Start a debate, voice a concern, review a film, create a persona, tell a joke, pick a fight, tell a story, do what you like.

Additional Vaults
Besides the Film Vault, we carry multitudinous archives that include various cities' Best Of editions, local music registers, album reviews, book reviews, and plenty more.

Info Booth
This is your one stop shop for communicating with Weekly Wire. From here you can email relevant staff contacts, check our latest press releases, jump in to our on-line community forum Talk Back, find answers to common question on our FAQ, and find general information about Weekly Wire and its online content partners.

Weekly Wire... alternative abundance in a pithy package

News & Opinion
Thanks to Independence Day, this week we're questioning our freedom with articles that ask: Are we free to politically campaign in malls? Free to clear-cut forests? Free to send email spam? Free to muse philosophic at 3 a.m.? Free to never tan? Free to pee our pants? (13 articles)

Film & TV
Three separate reviewers fail to face-off on Face/Off -- they all love it. Not so with other films: One reviewer calls Batman & Robin guano while another sends out high-pitched words in its defense, and two reviewers wrestle over whether to love Hercules or condemn its sugar-coated version of Greek mythology. Also: Peter Fonda strikes method-acting paydirt with Ulee's Gold. (13 articles)

Surveys of reggae and hip-hop find the music styles alive and kicking and sometimes screaming; reviews of Boston-area popsters Papas Fritas and Seattle's Supersuckers compare the bands to french fries and dusty roads, respectively; and an interview with old-school Nashville music journalist Hazel Smith unearths some caustic opinions about country music. Plus literally dozens of album and concert reviews! (10 articles)

Arts & Leisure
Mike Tyson may have escaped defeat from Evander Holyfield just by the skin of his teeth, but he takes a real beating -- and so does boxing -- at the hands of three angry sports columnists. An interview with Chris Rock finds the comic's career bouncing along like a skipping stone. And a review discovers why the straightforward photos of Ansel Adams and Eliot Porter continue to resonate. (9 articles)

Friends, family and associates weave their words into a touching eulogy for the author of The Immortalist, Alan Harrington, who recently died at age 79. Also: a review describes Robert Hughes's American Visions as a combination of brilliance and bullshit, and a memoir by Katherine Graham provides a sweeping account of the former Washington Post publisher's remarkable, powerful career. (6 articles)

Why nibble on Peanuts when you can gorge on Red Meat? (7 comics)

All the contributors to Weekly Wire, along with other AAN (Association of Alternative Newsweeklies) publications, can be read from this one easily accessible spot. Strongly recommended for bookmarking. (107 newspapers)

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