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Jesus' Son

Night Visions
Director Alison Maclean and author Denis Johnson on "Jesus' Son," a soulful, darkly comic take on life and death as a junkie.
Sarah Hepola

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Lincoln Log
In "Moonlight: Abraham Lincoln and the Almanac Trial," John Evangelist Walsh reveals that Honest Abe wasn't so honest after all.
Ben Winters


Volume IV, Issue 3
July 10 - July 17, 2000

News & Opinion

It's been five years since the suicide of Lisa Davis, an Austin photographer, activist, and music scenester. Route 66 is a highway of dreams and artery of despair, with a million personal vignettes dotting the path. If dying is easy and comedy's hard, where does that leave fencing? Plus, baiting druggies with cookies, a slave registry online, the high cost of cats, and more.

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Film & TV

Director Alison Maclean joins writer Denis Johnson in translating Johnson's collection of bottom-scraping, darkly comical short stories, "Jesus' Son," into a movie. Paul Schrader is less the angry man that his reputation would suggest than a serious craftsman not allowed to practice his craft. Our opposing reviews of "The Patriot" may help you decide whether to see it. Also, a zany Japanese caper movie, Latino presence on the small screen, and more.

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The death of Sims Ellison gave rise to the SIMS Foundation. Pat Haney is a blue-collar guy from rural Kentucky whose experiences work into the stories he tells. "Wasp Star" is a true return to form for XTC. Plus, new music from Eminem, two reggae nuggets, and more.

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Arts & Leisure

Damn, It's Good
The Ugly Truth
Taking Stages
and more...

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Anyone who hasn't done battle with their demons and come out the other side can enter Denis Johnson's world and get a lesson. Much of "Alice in Wonderland" is composed of details of Victorian manners that modern audiences are not likely to understand. Funeral director Thomas Lynch returns with a second collection of essays. Also, a new biography of rock critic Lester Bangs, two books from Mexico, and more.

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Come down from your Staggering Heights and get to the Red Meat of the matter with this swell set of cartoons that also includes K. Rat and Random Shots.

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