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Volume II, Issue 3
July 13 - July 20, 1998  
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Letters at 3AM [2]
Homage to a sorcerer, Carlos Castaneda.
— Michael Ventura, AUSTIN CHRONICLE
In The Blood [3]
Hugely popular novelist -- and Garden District resident -- Anne Rice talks about the city that inspires her.

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Cheap Thriller [4]
With Shadow Image, Martin J. Smith has once again crafted a razor-edged thriller loaded with deception, dementia and dispossession.
— Christopher Weir, TUCSON WEEKLY
Girl Trouble [5]
Helen Fielding's "Bridget Jones's Diary" gives away the single-girl secrets.
— Linda Lowenthal, THE BOSTON PHOENIX
To Live and Die in LA [6]
Screenwriter Peter Farrelly's "The Comedy Writer" is smarter than his "Dumb and Dumber."

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Trial And Error [7]
Daniel Petrocelli's "Triumph of Justice: The Final Judgment on the Simpson Saga," is a fascinating, sometimes poorly written, occasionally annoying, and ultimately satisfying read.
— Brian Laird, TUCSON WEEKLY
On Personal Ground [8]
A Nashville-native author takes a look at the Civil War and receives an award.
— Marc K. Stengel and Shelton Clark, NASHVILLE SCENE

Now What? [12]
Love to read? Need some clever ideas? Our library of resources and staff picks are guaranteed to turn on plenty of mental light bulbs via your electrified eye sockets.



arlos Castaneda died a few months ago. The author--his life, his work-- were marked with controversy and a vagueness of just who actually Castaneda was and how much of his writing was fiction as opposed to "real". Austin Chronicle's Michael Ventura writes of his actual meetings with the man and a beautiful epitaph.

For the Gambit Weekly, local resident and popular author, Anne Rice writes a loving memorial for her favorite city in In The Blood.

Checking out the Non-Fiction section, we've got a new OJ Simpson book reviewed--"Triumph of Justice: The Final Judgement of the Simpson Saga ," In fiction, please check out the review of Peter Farrelly's "The Comedy Writer." Name sounds familiar? He's half of the screenwriting/directing team with his brother who made "Dumb and Dumber," "Kingpin," and now "Something About Mary". Peter's novel is far smarter than any of the brother's filmed work, says book reviewer Rachel O'Malley. Check the film section this week for more on the brotherly team.

You'll also find a piece on the smash novel by Helen Fielding, "Bridget Jone's Diary" plus more great summer reading.

Mini Reviews
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Speed Reader [9]
"The Light of Falling Stars" by J. Robert Lennon; "Ghost Dancing" by Edwin Daniels; "My Year of Meats" by Ruth L. Ozeki; "Now It's Time To Say Goodbye" by Dale Peck.
— Brendan Doherty, Jennifer L.X. Scharn, Stephen Ausherman, Aaron Emmel, WEEKLY ALIBI
How Bizarre [10]
Strange worlds: a trio of books that contain fact, fiction, and who knows what: "Portrait of the Walrus by a Young Artist," "Generation Queer," and "Satanic Chapters."
— Leonard Gill, MEMPHIS FLYER
Three for the Read [11]
"All the Dead Lie Down," "The Empty Quarter," and "The Treatment."

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