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Austin Chronicle Review: Eclipse

By Greg Beets


Eclipse (Golden Hour)

Like the late night warble of a distant radio station slowly fading away, Eclipse takes us deeper into the dark and mysterious elements that make Glorium the aural equivalent of REM sleep. The music and narrative flow gently from place to place, but the band's high angular pastiche frees the listener to paint his or her own conclusions with regard to meaning. This isn't altogether new for Glorium, but the slam-bang quick change properties of their earlier work tended to emphasize abrasion over intimacy. "Co-Pilot, Keep Me Awake" has a soft, psychedelic pop sheen that evokes the strangely pleasurable creepiness of Lou Reed and Mo Tucker dueting on "The Murder Mystery" along with the unsettling quirkiness of the Red Krayola. The eight-minute "Room on the Floor" brings out a Teutonic interplay between the dueling guitars of Lino Max and Jorge J. Lara that creates a perfect mechanical backdrop for Paul Vodas' alternately dry and floral vocals. Although they spend a lot of time in abstract symbolism, Eclipse captures an odd, woozy clarity that transports Glorium to yet another dimension in their feverish quest for constant reinvention.

3.5 stars

-- Greg Beets

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