July 14 - July 21, 1997

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Weekly Wire has now been up officially for a month, and we'd love to hear your opinion. Email us at feedback@weeklywire.com. Our recent efforts include substantial renovations within the Talk Back BBS (please give it a try), an upcoming overhaul of the popular Film Vault (which will have an even better selection of reviews and features), and, most important, the additional participation of several AAN papers. That means more content, more choices -- you know, more Weekly Wire splendor.

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News & Opinion
The recent nutfest in Roswell, New Mexico proves once and for all -- aliens are profitable. Also, find out why: a Tennessee judge enjoys pulling the plug on death sentences; a columnist sides with the insufferable Kathie Lee Gifford and Martha Stewart; and archiving old newsgroup messages has an Austin-based company "virtually" rolling in dough. (10 articles)

Film & TV
Yeah, yeah, he got his wings. But there was a lot more to Jimmy Stewart than the middle-American nice guy who stumbled over his words -- here's why. Also: Would four upbeat reviews of Men in Black be enough to convince you that maybe, quite possibly, this cosmic comedy is worth your attention? Other reviews include Contact, Nothing to Lose, Wild America, and oodles more... (13 articles)

Why is the 18-year-old, meteorically famous Fiona Apple such a grump? And why are so many Christian musicians grinning? More important, why does Rainer Ptacek insist the new tribute album in his honor isn't important? How did the Nields go from underrated to overrated in mere months? And what's the scoop on 23, count 'em 23 new albums by Texan folk? (14 articles)

Arts & Leisure
As Congress pushes to dismantle the N.E.A., the issue of public art becomes ever more relevant. Find out how sculptures in key New Orleans locations draw out such civic-minded concepts as quantum physics and Greek mythology; meanwhile, an author surveys the paltry history of public art in Tucson. Also: Benedictine monks on the Web, fly fishing in the woods, costumed Indians at the Mardi Gras, and Mike Tyson still in the hot seat. (10 articles)

Non-Fiction-O-Rama! Read why a colossal biography about Cuban revolutionary Che Guevara fails to measure up. Other reviewed books include: an analysis of the nether-region surrounding the U.S./Mexico border, an exposé about the slimy, sleazy business tactics of top record executives, and a pleasant little editing manual culled from the gentle wisdom of the Marquis De Sade. Plus the usual winsome hodge-podge of articles on fiction books and magazines. (7 articles)

Why nibble on Peanuts when you can gorge on Red Meat? (7 comics)

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